“When I Saw Him For The First Time, I Knew There’s Something Not Right With His Legs”. Read how Shruti’s instinct saved her son!

I remember asking my mother-in-law about Anay's legs because the moment I saw him for the first time I knew that there is something not right with his legs. But all my family members seemed to be fine with it.


I had asked our pediatrician at that time and she said it's too early to consider it as a problem. After one and a half months, I came to Mumbai. Here, we consulted another pediatrician who also seemed to be fine with it! But I don't know why I wasn't convinced with what they said.


After his first birthday he started walking, and then everyone started noticing it. His shin bone was having too much of a bend as compared to other kids of his age. Being unsatisfied with the pediatrician’s advice, we considered consulting an orthopedic. Though everyone including my husband wasn't ready for it, the paranoid mother inside me was losing her mind every coming day!


And when we went to an orthopedic, he told us about this disease called rickets. It's not rickets for our son but can lead to it, if ignored. When I shared this with all the doctors who we consulted, they were very angry with me because they thought I am being over concerned. My husband, who accompanied me to the visit, was pretty sure that I kind of forced the orthopedic into suggesting the medications for our son. (That wasn't true for sure).


So finally, we both agreed to go on with whatever the orthopedic said.


He prescribed the following:

  • Vitamin D injection every month for 3 months.
  • Vitamin A for every month for 3 months.
  • 15 minutes exposure to the sun at early morning.
  • Some dietary changes (which I did not agree to)

To understand what bow legs or rickets is and to know what’s the way ahead for a child like Shruti’s son, read her complete post here on the BabyChakra App


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hope this helps to all those paranoid mothers!! 😊

congrats on your article! it was excellent information

@thanks Sumira 😃

very helpful article


this was a superb post... congratulations dear..

Hey very nice post!; I still worry so much about rickets since I was also very low on vitamin D during my pregnancy. Can a 3 yr old get rickets too and any signs to watch out for?

This is so well written.

Keshika Garg; in case of rickets you would see the bend since birth. If instead of reducing the arch is getting more n more curvy then it may happen...but if you didn't see the curve in the shin bone; yet it's least possible....still take care of vitamin D...

Did u consider the doctors advice or ur child recovered on his own?

Parul Johari; we gave him extra vitD and Vit A shots as per doctors recommended and did Malish till last month..its almost gone now ..a little bend is still there but it's not much visible...

Every child deserve a mother like this.;;

A mom's instinct is right in most cases. Great information

Tells me how..

Thanks for all the info.

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