7 Personal Care Tips to Take Better Care of Your Vagina During Pregnancy


Your vagina will be your baby’s gateway and will perhaps need the most care and attention in the months to come!


Vaginal discharge, though, is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. It can cause ample discomfort and irritation. Vaginal discharge, if not due to an infection, typically does not require medical attention as it subsides with the progression of pregnancy.


These simple home remedies will help you take charge of your vaginal health during pregnancy:


  • Keep the area clean. Frequent washing with soap and water helps in keeping the vaginal area clean and thereby prevents infections. Preferably use a vaginal wash meant for intimate hygiene. There are a couple of brands available in the market today.

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  • The direction for cleaning the vaginal area should necessarily be from front to back, i.e., from the vagina toward the anal region. By doing this you keep away infections from the vaginal area that are otherwise carried from anus to the vagina if you clean in the opposite direction.


  • Do not use tampons and douche for curbing vaginal discharge during pregnancy. These may alter the pH of the vagina and cause infections. Douching also increases the risk of breaking the water bag and may lead to leakage of the amniotic fluid.


  • Use soft absorbent material undergarment liners in case the discharge causes too much of discomfort.

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  • Use undergarments made of cotton. Synthetic material does not absorb fluids and the dampness can lead to  itching and infections.


  • Do not use tight fitting garments like jeans or pants. Instead, opt for loose cotton pants and gowns that allow your vagina to breathe.

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  • Do not self-medicate in case you find anything unusual in the vaginal discharge such as foul smell or irregular color.


How to know if your vaginal discharge is a cause of worry?

You can seek medical help if you experience any of the following:

  • Discharge changes color to green, red, yellow, or brown.
  • Has a foul smell.
  • Severe itching or burning sensation while passing urine.
  • Redness and swelling in the vaginal region.
  • Bleeding from vagina does not stop or increases further.
  • Passing blood clots








Disclaimer: BabyChakra does not promote self-diagnosis or self-medication. This article has been written by a gynaecologist for the benefit of BabyChakra users.


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