Old is Indeed Gold! Cheers to Some of Our Oldest MomStars!

BabyChakra MomStars are the ones who make BabyChakra a truly vibrant, helpful and safe place! Here’s a shout out for those Moms who have always been around!


Prisha Lalwani

The amazingly witty mom always brings fun and insightful conversations. She is literally “The Jaan of the Community” She has brought with her so many Delhi Moms who cherish being on BabyChakra today.


Sweta Nagubandi

Sweta helped organize an awesome mom star meet up in Bangalore and is always available for help on all MomStar groups, whether it is on the App or off it!


Richa Choudhary

Richa was one of our first Mom Stars in Bangalore. Her helpful reviews and baking recipes are enjoyed by all!


Ankita Popli

From our first Delhi Mom Star meet to the daily fun on the App, this glamorous mom is always there for all moms.


Harneet Khurana

This awesome Mom Star joined us in Delhi and is now in Bangalore. She is always ready and has some amazing tips for moms on breastfeeding and weaning food for babies. She conducted a wonderful Live Mom Chat on the App that everyone enjoyed.


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Comments (49)

Sweta Nagubandi

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Richa Chowdhary

Sweta Nagubandi

Ankita Popli

Sweta Nagubandi

Thank You BabyChakra

Sweta Nagubandi

Harneet Khurana

Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus)

thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u -- jaan of the community!!! Im all teary eyed and emo right now!! Biiiiiiiiiiggg Mummasaurus Hug

Sheeba Vijesh

Amazing moms of babychakra... 💕

Parul Johari

Thanks to the mom stars!!

Kamalini Rao

yes of course they are well deserved mom stars 💃💃

Neha Sharma

You all are so special...take a bow mom stars 😍🤗

Akshaya Naresh

Thank you super moms for all your timeless support!❤✌

Jayashri G

wow...,  well deserved...

Manvi Bhandari

wow... you all are so special😍

Roopashree Siddireddy

wow.. yes indeed each one is are so friendly...love them all...


thank to all mom..who made our mootherhood journey easier.

Richa Chowdhary

Awww.. thank you thank you thank you sooo much.. very emotional after reading this...

Pooja Singh

i wud follow these super moms now

Pooja Singh

i wud like to tag few more moms over here for being helpful nd available nd they are: asha chaudhry Sumira Bhatia

asha chaudhry

hey thnx much pooja ! hugs!

aditi manja

woohoo!! cheers to all the awesome momstars here 😘😘

Susmitha Ch

Kudos mommies.. Keep up d great job.. Love and hugs

Priya Sood

i lov our mom stars!!

Sweta Nagubandi

Thank you all for so much love.

Sumira Bhatia

pooja thank you so much.  you're so sweet 💞💞

Sumira Bhatia

lovely list of  moms

Khushboo Chouhan

Kamana Gautam

Khushboo Chag

wow cheers to all lovely mom stars!! I would like to tag a few more who are so helpful ..Sheeba Vijesh Neha Sharma Sumira Bhatia Shruti Giri asha chaudhry Roopashree Siddireddy @aditi manja
thankyou all❤

asha chaudhry

right back to u Khushboo Chag !

Richa Chowdhary

asha chaudhry Ur name should be there... and many more are there like Roopashree Siddireddy Neha Sharma and Priya Sood

asha chaudhry

hey Richa Chowdhary ur name and my name are same only :)))))))) cheers to all of us!!!!

Princy K Khurana

oh my Gawd !! is this even real ??? thank you BabyChakra and thank you Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) for introducing me and onboarding me on to this awesome bandwagon of fantastic mothers. what an amazing experirnce this has been.. m so glad i am being of "use" here !

Princy K Khurana

i am still in awe !!

Ankita Popli

oh my god.... this is soo very sweet of u Sweta Nagubandi...
I really loved it...
much luv...

Ankita Popli

This is so well written.

Ankita Popli

thanks a lot BabyChakra.
just can't express how much I loved it...
much luv team

Richa Chowdhary

This is just in time

Meeta Rajani

congratulations Everyone :)

Meeta Rajani

congratulations Everyone ❤

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh

wow! big huggs to u all

Ankita Popli

This is so well written.

Ankita Popli

This is so well written.

Nisha Dayal

wow  😙😙😙

Gunjan Bhatla

Wow, hugs to all mom stars....

Swati Varma

Cheers to dear mom stars.. thanks for your love and support..

Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

Amazing. U guys truly deserve all the appreciation. We love you

Neha Vij

Congratulations all Richa Chowdhary 😘

Richa Chowdhary

Thank you Neha Vij

Varsha Rao


somyashree. R

Love u all moms

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