Toddler Snack Series - Roasted Corn & Peanut Snack

Sweet corns and monsoon are a killer combination!


I always make it a point to use the season’s special fruit or vegetable for preparing dishes for my son. Not only is it a great way to experiment with and explore foods, it allows children to be treated with new flavours and textures in order to keep their interest in food alive.


Sharing here a quick snack using sweet corn niblets which is not only delicious but very colourful and inviting, kids will love to grab and bowl and munch on it.

Roasted flavours, mixed soft and hard textures and the natural ingredients - all make it a perfect snack.


Roasted Corn & Peanut Snack:

One time serving for a toddler


Ingredients :

½ cup boiled sweet corn niblets

1/4th cup cubed capsicum

2 tablespoon raw peanuts

2 tablespoon cubed tomato

2 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves

1/2 teaspoon chaat masala

1/4th teaspoon finely red chilli powder (optional)

Salt as per taste




Step 1 – In a non-stick pan, dry roast sweet corn niblets. Remove and keep aside to cool.



Step 2 – In a non-stick pan, dry roast capsicum cubes. Remove and keep aside to cool.


Step 3 – In a non-stick pan, dry roast raw peanuts. Remove and keep aside to cool.


Step 4 – Mix together sweet corn, capsicum, peanuts with remaining ingredients in a bowl and serve.


So dish it out today, sit down with your child and enjoy bowl fulls of this yummy snack.


Happy snacking!


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My kiddo will love this

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Yummy n healthy👌👌

Should we boil the corn first????

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