It takes All of Us to Make a Breastfeeding Mother Successful. Want to Know How You Can Help?

It takes All of Us to Make a Breastfeeding Mother Successful. Want to Know How You Can Help?

Breastfeeding is the beginning of a healthy start to essential nutrition. But it is not the mother’s responsibility alone. It doesn’t just take a mother to breastfeed a child. It takes an entire community and a robust support system. Watch this video to understand how all of us can contribute in small but meaningful ways to help a mother breastfeed her child for longer:

If you know a breastfeeding mother in your family, workplace, neighbourhood, or even as a co-traveler, here’s what you can do to ensure that India raises only a healthy breed in the future!

Husband: We can understand you are nervous as a new dad too! But trust us, this is the time your wife needs you the most, ever! Just let her know that you are in this journey together, you will be there around her every time she falls or fails, and that you love her unconditionally. Your support is irreplaceable. You can tend to the baby during feeding intervals so that your beloved wife can catch up on her power naps. Breastfeeding requires oxytocin which is known as the love hormone. The happier she is, the better she will be able to feed and faster will be her postpartum recovery!

Parent or parent-in-law: Doesn’t matter whether you are the mom, dad, or mom-in-law! The grandchild is your dear one! Empower his/her mommy to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. Never tell her things like “You can’t, or, your nipple is not in good shape, or your milk is not tasty or, looks like you don’t have enough milk.” In your times, no one resorted to any alternatives, did they? All she needs from you is a reassuring pat saying she can! Maybe, you take over her household chores for the first three months or help her find a good nanny. She will thank you for life!

Colleague: If you work in collaboration with a breastfeeding mother, here’s your chance to step up! Reschedule your meetings with her as per her pumping or feeding schedule. If they can’t be missed, attend them on her behalf. If you are her supervisor, allow her to work on flexible schedules so that she is not stressed about punching in attendance at fixed times. It is also a good idea to set up a feeding room where she can pump or feed in peace even while she takes care of work related responsibilities.

Neighbor: A good neighbor can be a blessing indeed, especially for a breastfeeding mom in a nuclear set up. Helping her take care of the baby occasionally or arranging a maid to take care of the household chores or, telling the watchman to keep people away from her doorbell are little things that can go a long way in helping her feed in peace. Sometimes, even just a friendly chat and letting her know that she’s doing well can mean a lot at this stage.

Co-traveler/ Co-shopper: If a mother is breastfeeding her child in the train, bus, airport, mall or anywhere else, stop looking at her in a manner that she feels uncomfortable. Breast milk is the child’s first human right and her mumma can choose to feed wherever she wants to. After all, she too is juggling between many responsibilities. If she doesn’t have a seat, it will be kind of you if you can offer her yours or hold a bag for her. Helping her with a sip of water once she’s done or helping her pack her breastfeeding accessories back in the bag will be polite too.

We believe that when mothers receive support, they breastfeed longer in a stress-free manner! It takes all of us to ensure that the baby lives on the most nutritious mother’s milk for atleast the first six months of his/her life.

Come, let us join hands and make it work for every breastfeeding mother in India!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Nestle

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