Dear Daughter, Have Courage And Be Kind

Dear Daughter, Have Courage And Be Kind

My baby girl Sarayu turned a year-old recently. It took me back in time to when I first came to know that she was going to part of our lives soon. The first kick. The first cry. The first crawl. The first step. The list is endless...if I were to choose a first best moment, I am sure it would be very difficult indeed! I decided to preserve all these moments for eternity and more importantly, share them with my daughter..

And so I decided to make an annual tradition of writing a letter to her on her birthday. And once she is 18 or sometime appropriate in the future, we will hand over a collection of letters to her as a keepsake. I know that these memories will give her company long after I have gone.

Now, anytime in the future, her loved ones can write to her and enrich her life with their blessings through their words.

This is the first letter to my daughter.

Dear Daughter,

Today you turn a year old.

I look at you sometimes and wonder how time has flown. I still remember the very first time I had seen you. It was before you were even born. You were a tiny black-and-white blip on a small screen. The ultrasound dude was explaining quite calmly about how the heartbeat was perfectly normal and I was wondering whose heartbeat he was talking about. He showed me the monitor and I took a flip looking at a moving blip. It took me many moments to register that the tiny dot moving around on the screen was actually ‘little you’ growing inside of me. That and also the fact that I did not really know what I was supposed to be looking at. Quite like Rachel! Someday you and I will watch my favourite TV sitcom FRIENDS and you will know what I mean.

From that moment till now, life has been most unexpected, exciting, unimaginable and a unique joy ride.

There have been so many precious moments that I can't do justice to each. Yet, the very first time I felt you kick inside my tummy and the very first time I heard your cry in the operation theatre will remain the most precious. Because they will remind me of your first presence in my life.

As I look back at the year gone by, I see how you have grown. From a tiny clueless potato who also had the most adorable pair of eyes I have ever laid my eyes on, to a tiny person with the most colourful personality I have seen, you have come a long way!

I would spend hours watching you sleep just after you were born. Because I was afraid of missing out on something new you would do if I closed my eyes. Your father and I would spend countless hours talking to each other and watching you sleep blissfully, unaware of everything.

The first time you smiled at me, I rejoiced so much, my heart could burst.

The first time you crawled I wanted to keep crawling with you to keep you company.

The first time you sat I wanted to sit with you and play all sorts of silly games to make you laugh.

The first time you stood up I wanted to be there all the time because I was afraid you would fall.


But you, my child, are so strong and so brave that you put all my fears to rest. In no time you started walking and it was such a delight seeing those tiny feet patter all over the house with that impish smile and those sparkling eyes. And the first time you called me ‘Amma’ will remain the most precious word I will ever hear in my life. I look back on the year gone by and I see you growing into a beautiful, healthy and confident girl.

Today you complete 12 months.

I thought I will start a tradition of writing you a letter for every birthday. One fine day when you will be old enough to understand, I will gift you a collection of these letters and I hope they will always keep you company and add value to your life.  

Today you complete a beautiful year in our lives and we could not have asked for anything better.



I wish you a life filled with a balance of happiness and sorrow.

I wish you a life filled with a balance of pleasure and pain.

I wish you a life filled with a balance of good and evil.

I wish you a life filled with a balance of effort and luck.

I wish you a life filled with a balance of success and failure.

I wish you a life filled with a balance of comfort and suffering.

But more than anything, I wish you a life filled with love and compassion.

A very happy birthday my dear girl. Here’s to many more such happy occasions in our lives.

Keep on growing, little one. Have courage and be kind.


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