Breast Is Best 2017. Educating, Engaging, Empowering!

It was a Thursday, nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone was looking to wind down for the weekend, a long one at that. But at BabyChakra, we were just getting started. In the ballroom of a bustling Mumbai hotel, we were cooking up a noisy storm, an encore if you will of the first edition of what has now become BabyChakra’s annual event, Breast is Best.


At BabyChakra, India’s largest platform for parents, through our flagship event Breast is Best, it is our endeavor to bring to fore the need for building a robust support system to enable mothers to breastfeed their children for longer. This endeavor begins with empowering mothers and their families with essential information and then working on strengthening the ecosystem by making work environments and eventually public places child and mom friendly.


The day-long event was attended by more than 300 participants including expecting moms, new parents accompanied by their little ones, families including husbands, parents and in many cases parents-in-law. With the right mix of experts, experienced mothers and influencers - the likes of celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija, former TV star and anchor Kamal Sidhu, equal rights activist Harish Iyer and celebrity chef Amrita Raichand, Breast Is Best 2017 had a full house all through.  


Wading through Mumbai’s morning traffic and braving the impending rains, the sheer number of people who decided to attend the event reinforces the trust that BabyChakra has built for itself and a validation of the need for such reliable forums for relevant information and support.


The day was divided into three panel discussions interspersed with parent talks and lots of opportunity for attending participants to ask away. It was heartening to see participants open up on topics that may have been on their mind for some time now, without any hesitation. The entire spectrum from breastfeeding basics to weaning foods and handling tantrums when it comes to introducing foods were covered, making the information shared relevant for a longer period of time.


It was heartening that several participants who were part of Breast is Best 2016 had come back to attend the 2017 edition and went back with their faith and trust in BabyChakra reaffirmed. 


We were happy to note that participants noticed the small things we had ensured - foot stools for pregnant women so that they could spend the day in comfort, a play area so that the little ones could keep themselves busy and get social, a fun photo-op, a thoughtful menu. 


Breast is Best 2017 was as much a learning for us at BabyChakra as it was for the participants.


Have you attended either Breast is Best 2016 or 2017? Let us know in comments what you liked best about the event and what we could do better. We are listening!  


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