DIY Tummy Time Activity With Water Beads For Babies 4 Months +

DIY Tummy Time Activity With Water Beads For Babies 4 Months +


At around 4 months, your little one is also able to demonstrate some grasp and may be able to catch hold of objects that excite her/him, bob his head around and roll.

While this happens, the baby is also continuously developing the gross motor, fine motor, hand dominance, language, and visual perceptual, skills.  All of these areas can be worked on with stimulating and encouraging play environments. DIY tummy time activities are a fantastic way to encourage these.

This DIY is inspired by my son’s left over water beads.

What are water beads?

An amazing substance of gel-like beads that grow or shrink depending on how much water they are with. So once you have soaked them for about 6 hours, they expand into little squishy, colourful balls.

Benefits of playing with water balls:

This wonderful, sensory play material stimulates exploratory play for kids of all ages. They are visually attractive and have tremendous tactile essence. These are easily available on online shopping sites too.

Things you need for DIY tummy time activity:

Water Beads

Zip-lock bag

Sticky tape



How to do this DIY tummy time activity with water beads:

Simply add some plumped water beads into a zip-lock bag. Make sure you SECURE THE BAG tightly. Tape this zip-lock to the ground and let your baby explore the magic of water beads.

If baby is having trouble shifting these around, add a little water to give the water beads fluidity.

Tip 1: If you are searching for a natural source as opposed to water beads, use soaked and cooked sago (also known as tapioca seeds) tempered with a little food colour and used in the same manner.

Tip 2: If you have an older child, just put a whole lot of these in a tub and let your child free to explore the magical world of water beads.

Click loads of pictures as the colored beads make for a great backdrop!

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