What Kind Of A BabyChakra Mom Are You?

What Kind Of A BabyChakra Mom Are You?



Not sure? Let us tell you!


We are sure you have noticed that a lot of exciting things have been going on at BabyChakra!  


We love the way every single mom contributes to the app and has been helping us build the most meaningful parenting and childcare community in India! Everything you post, every question you answer, every comment you make and every review you write helps someone else. And creates an incredible support system for all the other moms on the app.

And at BabyChakra, we think this is reason enough for a celebration of your selfless efforts.


Let’s start from the top – have you checked out the features on your profile page?


Out tech ninjas are constantly thinking of ways to make your in-app experience more fun. You will have noticed that all your activity – every post you have put up, everything you have commented on, anything and everything you have liked and raised a question on, is listed. Now, isn’t that cool?


And these very activities called “High Engagement” metrics, measured in numbers, are going to help us honour you for your contribution and enthusiasm. You can track them yourself too!



So, whether you are a MOM BUDDY, MOMSTAR,  BESTIE MOMSTAR, SUPER MOMSTAR OR TOP MOMSTAR depends on the sum of your high-level engagement. But it is not just the numbers that we are interested in.  Our community team will be tracking the quality of engagement as well!


Active Moms at different levels will be rewarded by privileges like special invites to BabyChakra and other exclusive events, BabyChakra special swag, exclusive gift hampers, samples for review, the opportunity to conduct do Live Chats & Mommy Takeovers on the app and much more!  But, rewards & privileges come along with responsibility. - the responsibility to help other moms.


Thank you for being a helpful mom and keep up the good work! Watch this space for more updates! We did tell you, a lot of exciting things are happening are in store for every BabyChakra Mom!


Stay Awesome!


That is not all. We also have some surprises in store for all our Mom stars! Fill in your details here and await your goodies!


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