Are we Right in Sharing This Child’s Video, Whatever May be Our Intention

Did you come across the video of the child being tormented by her parent/caregiver for not being able to identify numbers correctly? And what did you do about it? Possibly shared it ahead with a strong message condemning it.


But in doing so did you not violate the child’s privacy?


Several individuals including the Men in Blue came out in protest of the ‘inhuman’ treatment meted out to the child. Virat Kohli and other cricketers including Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa took to social to express outrage. The source of the video is unknown but the internet is ablaze with discussions on the subject.


Kohli posted the video from his Instagram account and did not mince his words. “The fact that the pain and anger of the child is ignored and one’s own ego to make the child learn is so massive that compassion has totally gone out of the window. This is shocking and saddening to another dimension. A child can never learn if intimidated. This is hurtful.”


We are sure that all those who saw the video were moved by the trauma the child was experiencing. All of us will have felt angered at the caregiver and her lack of empathy.


But apart from salvaging our own conscience by strongly condemning the act have we really helped the child in any way?


What do you think? Let us know in comments.


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