What Music to Play For Your Child? Play These 6 Amazing Classical Tracks.

Music is one of those good things in life which can never go wrong with anyone! Did you know it’s great for your child’s brain development too? Being a singer and musician myself, I see the benefits of music for my son everyday!


What exactly is good music though?


Bollywood music rules in India but just like junk food, there’s a bit of junk in music too. What’s healthy music then?


Your probably know it at the back of your mind but think it is boring and your child might not like it. Yes, I am talking about the rich heritage of  Indian Classical Music and I want to break that myth.


Let me explain why it is great for your kids -

  • Indian classical music works as a therapy because it encompasses the whole process of human evolution in the way the raga is developed. 
  • Rhythm in Indian classical music excites the most primitive as well as higher cognitive areas and stimulates the motor cortex part of our brain.
  • Indian classical music inculcates a sense of structure and rhythm, facilitating interesting, new neural connections in the brain.

To debunk the myth, I have picked 6 great tracks along with the time of the day when you can play them. I have included different ragas, styles of compositions, singers and tempos. This is a decently complete list to start playing to your child to start with -

  • Rajan & Sajan Mishra – Tarana – Raaga Bhairav (Morning)


  • Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar – Raaga Bhimpalaasi (Afternoon)


  • Kishori Amonkar – Raaga Yaman (Evening)


  • Shobha Gurtu – Thumri – Raaga Khamaj (Night)


  • Pandit Jasraj & Shruti Sandolikar – Raaga Des (Night)


  • Ashwini Bhide – Raaga Miya Ki Malhaar (Midnight)

It is not mandatory to play a certain Raaga at that time of the day ONLY, but the effect it creates is the best when played on the recommended time of the day.


Did I tell you, you can also play music when your child is asleep? It is in fact very beneficial. The music goes straight into their subconscious mind when played while asleep. So go ahead and play that midnight Raaga when your child sleeps at night. Or the afternoon Raaga when she is taking a nap during the day.


So, next time you hand over that mobile or play music, play these 6 tracks first!


It takes practice for the ears to appreciate Indian classical music, so please give you and your child some time before giving up on it! Also, even if your child doesn’t like it, it is doing wonders to his brain.


Don’t forget to share your favourite classical music tracks in the comments below!


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This is so well written.

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