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In Times of 'Dhongi Babas': How do we Teach Our Kids About Faith?

Supposed ‘godmen’ being accused of adultery, cheating and what not. How do we teach our children about faith in such a scenario?


Over the past few days, the supporters of a ‘godman’ decided to take to the streets because they believed that their ‘leader’ was being convicted for crimes that he supposedly did not commit despite evidence to the contrary. Rumours about the city and possibly the state coming to a standstill were floating around.


This is not the first time that a godman has been convicted of crimes and perhaps won’t be the last. But matters of faith and belief have always been a topic of debate and discussion in our country. So how do we view this issue?  


Should we be harboring these thoughts of bias and prejudice? Perhaps we should be looking at the brighter side - that such men and women, despite the fame, power and influence they enjoy, have been brought to justice?


As parents and wellwishers, all of us want to build and leave behind a healthier and happier world for our children. But what kind of a world are we building? Perhaps it is time we relook our perspectives too and decide what we want to pass on to our children.


What do you think? How do you think we can impart the basic values of trust and belief to our children?


We would love to hear from you!


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Comments (8)

Sumira Bhatia

I am in Punjab and I have been deeply saddened by this ! What country do we live in ? It isnt just about faith. Why do millions of people worship these supposed godmen and are ready to sacrfice themselves despite being accused of such heinou crimes? it is because of our governments. The society as a whole. I was speaking to people who followed ram Rahim and they said because this baba used to give them cheaper rations and free medicines (something our govt doesn't do) and doesn't look at us as if we are from a lower caste (something we in a society are guilty of) that we follow them. So many times I have seen that we treat people as if they aren't even humans. our daily for example. do we bother to offer them food in the same cups ? or give them a weekly off? The root cause is not just faith. it is much greater. We need to teach our children to rise above these prejudices. Help when they can. Treat everyone as equals and respect everyone. . . these Babas take poverty as an opportunity to get blind followers and govts use these Babas to get votes. it is a vicious circle.

Rebecca Prakash

Though I'm a Catholic christian by birth I don't even worship the saints, respecting priests and maulvi saab is more than enough.Why give them god men title and follow them blindly? disappointing to see even well educated people do that including youngsters. I think I will let my kid follow what he/she wants, will never make them too spiritual or fanatic.

Rashmi Chand @notjustmommying

we must teach our kids to be logical and not follow any practice blindly. nobody can redeem us from our sins except us!

vikrant virmani

It is very important to have education and pateince and in today's world (India) you would not find that easily. I would teach my kids to meditate and gain knowledge and be calm and logical as many problems find its way out just by staying calm and thinking logically. As far as faith is concerned, it does not necessarily has to come from any baba.

Shruti Giri

Neha Chopra

Shruti Giri

oops sorry I think I wanted to. tag someone else

Bhrukuti Mistry

I think we should teach our kids to have faith in God and not any godmen..

Aprajita Trivedi

Now a days the social scenario  is so unsafe we cannot trust anyone one we must teach  our children  to act smart and only believe  on god none  xy z as his messenger  and never ever leave  them alone.

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