In Times of 'Dhongi Babas': How do we Teach Our Kids About Faith?

Supposed ‘godmen’ being accused of adultery, cheating and what not. How do we teach our children about faith in such a scenario?


Over the past few days, the supporters of a ‘godman’ decided to take to the streets because they believed that their ‘leader’ was being convicted for crimes that he supposedly did not commit despite evidence to the contrary. Rumours about the city and possibly the state coming to a standstill were floating around.


This is not the first time that a godman has been convicted of crimes and perhaps won’t be the last. But matters of faith and belief have always been a topic of debate and discussion in our country. So how do we view this issue?  


Should we be harboring these thoughts of bias and prejudice? Perhaps we should be looking at the brighter side - that such men and women, despite the fame, power and influence they enjoy, have been brought to justice?


As parents and wellwishers, all of us want to build and leave behind a healthier and happier world for our children. But what kind of a world are we building? Perhaps it is time we relook our perspectives too and decide what we want to pass on to our children.


What do you think? How do you think we can impart the basic values of trust and belief to our children?


We would love to hear from you!


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