5 Things I Did Differently to Bond Better With My Baby

5 Things I Did Differently to Bond Better With My Baby

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Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey for a woman. For me, this journey began the minute I looked at those blue lines! The bond I shared with my baby was immediate. Even though I couldn't feel anything until the fourth month, I was aware of the changes in my body nonetheless. Morning sickness can ruin things a bit however, me and my baby both got to calmer seas and our true relationship began! Many instances got us closer and worked gradually to strengthen the bond we have today. Here are some...


My Beautiful Bump

As my tummy began to grow so did the movements inside it. I had one restless and super active baby! Hence to calm her and to help her learn to recognise my voice, I would have conversations with her, sing songs and lullabies to her. A lot of studies have proved that talking to your baby in the utero is crucial to the mom and baby bond.


Breastfeeding Time

Breastfeeding was one of our most special moments together. I would always maintain eye contact with her and stroke her hair, in turn she would look deep into my eyes as she nursed. This used to be our special bonding time and such a good way for me to relax. 


Crawling, Baby wearing and lots of Massages

Once she started crawling, I indulged her with a lot of activities that involved just the two of us. Getting down on the floor having crawling races were a fun way to bond. As was babywearing which I did even at home, this gave me the freedom to get work done and it helped her to feel more secure and protected. Listening to a mother's heartbeat helps baby bond well and adjust to the new environment. As a toddler she could really communicate how she felt about me and even show affection. We would have a great time over a good oil massage and a nice warm bath or take strolls in the park or the garden.


Co-sleeping all the way

I have always co-slept with my daughter since birth, this helped me a lot in bonding with her. Especially being woken up by her coo’s and gaga’s when she was a baby, to now when she goes 'Wake up mommy it’s morning' at 7 am on a Sunday morning. This helps us each day to strengthen our bond!  


Life with my Big Girl

At present, bonding with my 4.5-year-old can be exigent but on the other hand it's soul satisfying also! We bond over many things, be it baking cupcakes and cookies or just the two of us shopping. Playing games like dress up, Scrabble and Hopscotch or just watching a movie together. It's all about keeping aside dedicated time, minus the gadgets and spending quality time with her.  

A parent-child bond is a special relationship which helps mould a child's future emotional, physical and mental health. To raise a confident, happy and content child it is of utmost  importance to focus not only on the mom-baby bond but also child psychology and the cherished mom-child moments together.


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