What Does it Take to Raise Girls Like Gauri Parasher Joshi?

Let us raise our children to be individuals first.


Amidst disturbing news of violence, due to supporters of a godman taking to the streets over his sentencing, emerged the story of courageous Gauri Parasher Joshi.


An IAS-cadre officer and Deputy Commissioner of Panchkula, Joshi was literally the ‘last woman standing’ at Panchkula. She gave orders for enlisting the Army’s support in bringing peace and order and was on the streets till 3 am in the morning ensuring that the situation had actually been brought under control.


When she went back home to her family and 11-month-old child, her clothes were torn and her body bore injuries.


There is no doubt that Gauri Parasher Joshi is an inspiration for all of us, irrespective of genders and more so because she is woman and a mother. At that moment, she was a responsible citizen of her country first above all.  


We are sure that there are many such courageous and brave women in the country who have never had the opportunity to rise due to social pressures of putting the family first. We are not saying that having family as a priority is not right but does a woman really get to choose? Is she able to make her choices without having to experience guilt and social stigma for them?


Let us raise our children to be individuals first, not just as daughters and sons.  


What do you think?   


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