MomStar Sheeba Vijesh decodes Baby Kicks For You!

MomStar Sheeba Vijesh decodes Baby Kicks For You!

31 Aug 2017 | 2 min Read


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Expecting your first baby? Here is a guide to help you feel the baby move!



The baby will take some time in kicking like a pro. Wait for it mamma!   



The first kick is likely to dismissed as…er…gas. But is actually your little one flipping around gracefully. Imagine butterfly flutters/gas bubbles/popcorn popping or in my words




But do not worry if you do not feel the movements around that time. They can also be missed if the baby has flipped to a position such as facing backwards. Sometimes the placenta can cushion the kicks. Consult your doctor in case of any questions.



Over a period of time, you will start noticing a pattern. By the third trimester, you should be counting the kicks daily. Any decrease in activity from what you have been noticing normally must be discussed with the doctor immediately.



Babies rest too so it is ok to have some periods with little or no activity. It may also be that you may have been busy and missed the kicks. Lie down and sit with your feet up and check for movements. If you still feel that there is no activity, the consult your doctor immediately.    


When the baby kicks, go ahead and gently caress the bump, start a conversation or sing to the baby. She is awake and listening!


Happy pregnancy!

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