23 Uses Of Petroleum Jelly You Did Not Know

23 Uses Of Petroleum Jelly You Did Not Know

13 Apr 2022 | 5 min Read


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A staple in all households, petroleum jelly is used to heal rashes, minor cuts, cracked heels and chapped lips. But believe us when we say we have some easy-peasy petroleum jelly hacks for you that are totally going to make your lives easier!

1. Remove eye-makeup

Ran out of your makeup remover? Well, here’s a trick to save you from a breakout. Just take some petroleum jelly on a Q-tip or a cotton pad and gently wipe off your makeup.

2. Ready to use lip gloss.

Add your favourite blush or eyeshadow to a tiny amount of petroleum jelly and… tada! You just made a customized lip gloss for a lovely pout.

3. Keeper of fragrance

Going to have a long day? No worries! Keep your fragrance intact by running some petroleum jelly behind your ear and knees, on your wrists and ankles, and inside the elbows. Then spray your favourite perfume on these points and smell magical all day.

4. Friend of your wild eyebrows

Eyebrows not looking on point? Apply a tiny amount of petroleum jelly and shape them accordingly.

5. Protect your skin from hair dyes

While applying hair dyes, the dye might seep out onto your forehead. To protect your skin, apply petroleum jelly on your forehead just next to your hairline. No more accidental skin stains.

6. Bye bye flyaways and frizzy hair

Frizzy hair, flyaways and baby hair are the biggest cause of annoyance. You never know when they might destroy your hairstyle. So, here is the trick to prevent their surprise entry. Just apply some petroleum jelly on these and they’ll stay set in any way you like.

7. Ease out the rings from your fingers

The rings that you’ve been wearing for long might easily get stuck in your fingers and taking them off is one hell of a task. To make this easier and less painful, apply petroleum jelly generously around that spot and slowly pull the ring off.

8. Boost your eyeshadow and blush

To flaunt a bold shade of eyeshadow and blush, apply petroleum jelly as the base and then top it with whatever colour you like.

9. Fix your matte lipsticks

Are you bored with your old matte lipsticks? Not to worry at all. Apply the lipstick and gently dab your lips with a top coat of petroleum jelly. You will soon be ready with shinier lips.

10. DIY scrub

Add baking soda and petroleum jelly in equal proportions to make a scrub that takes off the dry skin while moisturizing and softening your face.

11. And exfoliator!!

You can also make an excellent exfoliator using petroleum jelly and sugar (or cinnamon powder).

12. An amazing night cream

In case you ran out of your night cream or are bored of it, just apply petroleum jelly all over your face and neck to wake up to a glowy skin.

13. Forget split ends

You have to go outside, but there is no time to go to the salon and split ends are making it all dreadful. Do not stress. Just seal them with a bit of petroleum jelly and pull your hair in your favourite do!

14. Say hello to beautiful eyelashes

Apply petroleum jelly every night to your lashes before going to bed. This will moisturize them well, making them shinier and more beautiful.

15. No more painful blisters

Shoe bites are really terrible and do not go away as easily they come. Before wearing a new pair of shoes, just apply some petroleum jelly on the areas where you think you might feel friction while walking, and you will never get a blister or a shoe bite again in your life.

16. Shiny bags and shoes

Add freshness to your old shoes and bags that are made of leather or leather-like material by just applying some petroleum jelly on them. They will look as good as new.

17. Make your manicure even better

After your manicure or even when you are not in mood of it, soften your cuticles by massaging them with petroleum jelly.

18. Don’t cut your hair off if chewing gum gets stuck

You do not have to worry about ruining your hair ever if a chewing gum gets stuck in it. Just apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly on it and around it. Slowly work your way towards the ends of the hair and easily get rid of the gum.

19. Stop refrigerator shelves from sticking

While cleaning the refrigerator, you might have found that those shelves get stuck to the holders. The next time you place them after cleaning, just remember to apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the holders to never get a stuck shelf again.

20. Keep shampoo from getting in your little one’s eyes.

While shampooing your kid, it becomes a task to be careful about not letting the shampoo get in your baby’s eyes. What you can do is apply a layer of petroleum jelly around the eyebrows so that shampoo flows away from your baby’s eyes.

21. Keep ants away from your pet’s food bowl

Make a line of petroleum jelly around the food bowl for your pet. Ants would never cross this line and your pet would have a happy meal.

22. No more paint on them doorknobs

While painting doors, you might have noticed that paint also gets on the doorknobs, which becomes really hard to remove later. Apply good amount of petroleum jelly on its edges and paint would never smear on it.

23. Applying nail paints became easier

While applying nail paint, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep it from getting on your skin too. Apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your nails and paint your nails in peace.











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