Here’s What Bollywood Stars Talk About Their Motherhood Journey.

Here’s What Bollywood Stars Talk About Their Motherhood Journey.

1. Neha Dhupia

Image: hindustantimes

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are happy to have tiny  feet crawling around the house. When asked about her thoughts on breastfeeding, she said that she will do “what is healthy for the baby and mother”. On her podcast #NoFilterNeha, her husband Angad reveals that Neha was expecting before getting married. He also revealed how this news came as a huge shock to their parents. In a recent interview with Neha, she reveals that Mehr is her First priority but she loves to be a working mom as well. She loves to repost other mom’s stories, their parenthood voyage on her Instagram handle. Neha is on her toes, making time for her commitments to the film industry and  parenthood.


2. Esha Deol

Image: ndtv

Every couple is looking forward to holding the piece of heart in their arms. They don’t want to miss out their baby’s every firsts- be it their first steps or the first words they utter. Esha Deol has been blessed with two lovely children and she embraces parenthood just like every parent. She agrees how motherhood has changed her since she was a tomboy. Speaking more about her motherhood journey, she adds ”My first pregnancy was a strange feeling altogether...Many people have bombarded me with lots of advice which is a little confusing. I felt more comfortable in my second pregnancy and was prepared to take everything in my stride.”


3. Rani Mukherjee

Image: Offscreen Of Stars

Rani Mukherjee is an astounding actress who has managed to win so many hearts in Bollywood. Being a mother, she says that patience is one virtue that has to be dealt with regularly. She says how working around the clock makes it difficult for her to spend quality time with her baby. She adds,” There is no time to sit ideal once you are onboard the motherhood journey. The only time when I take my eyes off Adira is when she is in deep sleep”. Rani Mukherjee is elated that she was able to disprove the old cliche around actresses who became mothers.


4. Soha Ali Khan

Image: sentinelassam

Actress Soha Ali Khan says walking into Motherhood has transformed her and this has been a life-changing experience for her. Soha and her husband Kunal welcomed their first child Inaaya in 2017. On questioning her why she would label motherhood as a life-changing experience, she answered,” Being the youngest in the family, I never had to look out for someone. I have no experience in changing diapers or putting to bed, so parenthood was life-changing for me.” She adds,” Despite the struggles, I have always embraced motherhood and I am blessed to have a beautiful kid”.


5. Kajol

Image: thestatesman

Kajol accepts that there were moments when she forgot herself after motherhood and why is it important to stop and work on one’s lost individuality. Determined to start the new journey of a parent, Kajol decided to take a break from the film industry so that she can focus on her children's upbringing. On her so far journey as a mother she says,” It is normal to forget yourself once you become a mother. It’s right to prioritize your child’s needs before yours but you have to make an identity of your own, that you are not just a caretaker.”


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