Is Allowing a Woman to Abort Her Foetus a Form of Empowerment?

Losing a baby in the womb can be devastating but what if the mother must give the baby up for the sake of her and her baby’s health? This story is a profound case of empathy and empowerment!


The Supreme Court has allowed a woman to abort her 25-week-old foetus due to a medical condition that does not have a cure. The foetus, according to a medical report, did not have a brain and a skull.


In India, medical termination of pregnancy is not allowed beyond 20 weeks according to the law.  


What is heartening to observe is that the SC, when passing the order, ruled that continuation of the pregnancy “could pose severe mental injury to the 22-year-old woman”. That the Supreme Court decided to focus on the mental trauma that the woman will have to undergo is indeed appreciable.


The grief of losing her baby is unimaginable but no parent would want to give birth to a life they can’t nurture. By allowing her to choose what is best for the child and herself, as a society, we are empowering the woman to make and live her own decisions.


After all, a mother knows best what’s best for the baby. What do you think?


Source of banner image: Hindustan Times

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Comments (13)

Rhituparna Mitra

I so feel for this!

asha chaudhry

i read the news item this morning and i heaved a sigh of relief. thank god. remember recently, a 10 yr old girl gave birth in chandigarh? the thought haunted me for days. my child is 10 and she is just a child.

Akshaya Naresh

This is so heartbreaking!I couldn't think about anything else except for that mom.I wish god gives her all the strength to overcome this.

Sumira Bhatia

I have an angel baby girl , Oas, my baby in heaven who I had to give up on in the 20th week of my pregnancy because she had a congenital heart disease! She was a fleetingly beautiful creation ! While it was heartbreaking and I think of her everyday! Some souls just connect with us because they're tied to us by invisible threads . . while she isn't there with in me in physical being. . I feel her every time my heart beats . . ! When I was giving birth to her, I had a vision of an angel baby girl playing in a field of gold and that baby girl was so happy! That's where my Oas is and she is beautiful and knows happiness 💞💞and that is enough for me 💞💞

Rhituparna Mitra

Sumira Bhatia Same pinch :-) Here's my story - A story of birth and death in the same breath! In my case, it was a baby boy though, quite true to my intuition. But honestly, I have no regrets as he was released for good :-)

asha chaudhry

Sumira Bhatia .... omg. big hugs. that was so poignant. i dont even knw what to say :(

asha chaudhry

Rhituparna Mitra my gosh. u are one helluva strong woman.

Rashmi Chand @notjustmommying

Sumira Bhatia ❤❤ your story gave me goosebumps!! im sure she is in a better place watching over you.

Anchal Talwar

women should be given this right more earlier. a women makes a child and she should be given a right to do good for the baby even before her or his birth. it so painful for a women to loose her child but think of mental position of a women,  she is loosing her life as well.

Sumira Bhatia

asha chaudhry you don't have to :) big hugs !! 💞💞 she is a source of immense strength . . ! :)

Sumira Bhatia

Rashmi Chand @notjustmommying indeed :) 💞

Sumira Bhatia

Rhituparna Mitra I read your story the day I joined babychakra . . ! I don't have any regrets either 💞 she's in a beautiful place

Aishwarya Shukla


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