Do We Truly Believe in Non-Violence?

A popular newspaper reported that in a recent survey conducted among 700 school teachers, an overwhelming 70 per cent admitted to using some form of ‘corporal punishment’ .i.e physical forms of punishment despite knowing that such forms of punishments are banned.


What is more disturbing is the fact that most teachers surveyed also believed that violence was the ‘only’ way to discipline children. What is shocking is that a school principal was quoted as saying that some parents are known to approach teachers asking them to punish children.


In the recent past, we have all seen, discussed and criticised the treatment meted out to a 3-year-old girl by her caregiver for not being able to recollect numbers. All of us have expressed shock at the recent episode of a teacher slapping a student 40 times because he has missed to answer the roll call.


If as a society we all are against violence in any form, how is it that there are so many cases of violence emerging from homes and schools?


Have you seen this happen in schools near you?


How can we, as parents, help the situation?


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Comments (5)

Priya Sood

This is so relevant. What we have seen and experienced as kids is (atleast for me) drastically different than what i practice and expect. Where my kid studies now...i have never heard the teachers raise their voice

Richa Choudhary

Violence worked earlier with uninformed parents  now when you see the emotional impact it has on a child's pschycology. Violence is a no no for me

Shruti Giri

slapping a child 40 times just because he missed his roll call should be considered as a crime...for that matter giving any kind of a physical, mental, emotional stress or trauma to a child is offensive... it may affect their mental growth as well. but there is a very thin line between punishment and voilence. some time you have to be hard on them, that doesn't mean u ha e to shout or raise a hand, but some strictness, fear of being punished is good for their overall growth. it's been stated that overprotected children often becomes the unstable adults, who can't take rejections, can't handle the stress situations, they become emotionally weak somehow as they are not used to it.
Everything in moderation is good!! As a parent we have to draw the line for  everything. If u r punishing too much, shouting out loud ...have to be careful about it and also if u just can't say no or can't deny anything to ur child that's also alarming!!!

Shruti Giri

asha chaudhry Sumira Bhatia Neha Sharma Harneet Khurana Richa Chowdhary Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog) @Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa pour ur views plz!!

Deepali Gala Mamania

yes it is shocking to see such violence happening.. in these cases either the child becomes use to or commits something which is again not acceptable and then again we punish them.. and sometimes the punishment becomes a life time effect.. long time back there was  a video about boys wherein they are not suppose to cry and the results were so dreadful.. some violence also results in same...

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