PeeCee Was Rejected For Being Too Ethnic

PeeCee was supposedly rejected for a role in an American film for being “too ethnic”.


Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra a.k.a PeeCee has done us proud in many ways. And she just gave us another reason!


While speaking at an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), PeeCee revealed that a couple of years ago she was rejected for a role for “being too ethnic”. But PeeCee is definitely not going to take that quietly.


In the interview, she said that she “has taken it very personally”. She further added that she hoped the future generations do not have to face what she and her colleagues are facing today.


More power to you, PeeCee!           



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Rhituparna Mitra

Anamika Gorai Hardik Senjalia Nirmala Nirmala Nazeema Shaheen Richa Chowdhary Sravani Anil Harneet Khurana @aditi sharma

Nazeema Shaheen

thanks for the tagRhituparna Mitra.its very sad that even today we Indians are facing this

Princy K Khurana

and her today.. creating ripples around the world. she is so good in quantico. so much for her ethnic avtaar !

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