Making The Country Safe For Our Kids: What Can We Do?

Let us take concrete steps to safeguard our children.


The Supreme Court today issued a notice to the Government and the CBI based on a plea filed by the father of the child from Ryan International School who was murdered last week. The Supreme Court has said that it will look into safety of students in schools across India.


While the efforts of the Supreme Court are laudable, it is time for us to think of what are we doing as parents, caregivers and as responsible citizens to ensure that schools, homes, play areas - all public and private places are safe for our children. Let us ensure that our children are able to enjoy their childhood in all innocence, without fear.


Let us join hands and work towards specific measures that will make our country a safer place for kids.


Please respond to this article with one way in which you think we can make public places safer for kids.


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