This Dad's Post on 'Rules For Dating His Daughters' is Epic

Are we raising our individuals first?


J. Warren Welch is quite the rage in social circles these days for a post he put out on rules to date his daughters. As a father to five girls, one would assume that he would have written out a sort of ‘warning’ to all those who want to date his daughters.


But Welch’s post is a breath of fresh air!



We love the fact that he is raising his daughters to be independent individuals not bound by gender stereotypes.


We definitely need more dads like Welch, what say?


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Comments (3)

Pooja singh malasi

In India?? hahaha...near to impossible seems to me...but we'll definitely do this

5 months ago

Priya Iyer

Sumira Bhatia Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Sheeba Vijesh Sonam Patel

5 months ago

Sumira Bhatia

aww this is heart warming . . us mommys shall ask our boys to respect the daughter's

5 months ago

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