Rupal: Entrepreneur, Mom and Beauty Queen!

Rupal: Entrepreneur, Mom and Beauty Queen!

This article was originally published in September 2017. Rupal has won the Mrs India Earth Best Indian Face title in the contest.


Mom Quotient

The birth of our daughter, Pari, has possibly been the most beautiful moment in our lives. So, parenting the little angel always has been a major preoccupation for me and my husband. While we did read about the subject, most of the lessons have been learnt on-the-job.


Second lesson – Let kids be their best at what they love. Avoid getting competitive and subject them to parental pressures. Pari is more creatively inclined and an average student academically. Initially, it was difficult for an engineer mom and an MBA father to accept this. But, we have not only moved on since then, but also make a conscious effort to nurture her talent. Since the age of 4, she is learning Kathak, free-style dance and drawing/painting. She is a great storyteller, an independent mind and a very happy kid. We couldn’t ask for more!



Mom Inc. Story


As a kid, I was intrigued by multiple things – Sports (Rope Malla khamb, Yoga), Art (Drawing, Dance, Rangoli), Trekking, Debating etc. However, I was also good at studies. As an eventuality, I didn’t/couldn’t turn any of my passion into a career. I became a Computer Engineer, instead. I didn’t want to work in an IT company. Started my career teaching in an Engineering College in Mumbai. Soon I realised that I didn’t belong here. However, things continued to be that way till Pari came into our lives. I decided to take a break to take care of her.




Soon, the client base started increasing through word of mouth. I started exhibiting at multiple places in the city. We also started selling through e-commerce. We have clients from faraway corners of the country as well as from Indian diaspora abroad. We have 25K+ followers on Facebook. I love what I do. That satisfaction is far more valuable than anything else. So many of my customers have now become friends.


Who Inspired Me the Most


My friends germinated the thought of starting a fashion design studio. I took it on. My family, especially my husband, has been very supportive. He is a marketing professional and has been a sounding board for ideas. We exchange ideas on an active women entrepreneur group that I am part of. We promote each other and that’s helpful!






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