Asli Oggy Shares Fun Facts From Around The World

Asli Oggy Shares Fun Facts From Around The World

22 Sep 2017 | 3 min Read


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Globetrotting Oggy dropped by the BabyChakra office to meet his Asli fans and shared his travel discoveries!


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Traveling around the world has its perks, and so does hopping across different eras! From the arid deserts of the Wild West to the raging Romans, all have witnessed the eternal rivalry between Oggy and the irksome Cockroaches. The real Oggy, from the show ‘Oggy & the Cockroaches’ on Cartoon Network, met about 30 kids and their moms at Babychakra recently, and divulged in the coolest fun facts from his travels across the world!





  • Leonardo da Vinci was ambidextrous! As Oggy ran into the celebrated artist and found out that the maestro could not just write with both hands, but also create a mirror image of his writings


  • As Oggy recounted his experience of working as the Head Gardener at The Palace of Versailles, he revealed there are 50 fountains and 620 jets installed in the famed gardens that are now a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


  • On his travels across Paris, he learnt that the heaviest bell at the Notre Dame Cathedral weighs 13 tons! Located in the south tower, it is called Emmanuel. Also, Notre Dame is where he also met Quasimodo, the hunchback!


  • The gentle blue feline lived the life of a quintessential cowboy and crossed the Wild West to discover that camels indeed walked the plains of Texas at one point in time


  • In Egypt, he stumbled upon something and it wasn’t his beloved sandwich. The blue feline sniffed around for a while and found out that though the Giza pyramids are famous, the oldest one is the Step Pyramid of Djoser. It was built in 2650 BC!


  • Rome was not built in a day, and ditto for the Colosseum! Gladiator Oggy found out that the famous amphitheatre, which has over 80 entrances, 36 trap doors and could accommodate 50,000 spectators, took a decade to build!


Tune in to Cartoon Network, every Monday to Friday at 6 PM to catch the fresh new episodes of ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’. Your kids can watch the series in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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Does your kid love Oggy? Share your kid’s reactions when they watch Oggy on TV or any favorite lines from the episode, in the comments box below.


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