Maya Or Moksha?

Did someone ask the 3-year-old?


News of a couple giving up their 3-year-old and property worth ‘100 crores’ if not more to attain monkhood is what everyone is talking about.


The couple have voluntarily decided to give up ‘material lives’ and take up vows of monkhood. News reports suggest that the couple have done this of their own will and were convinced by family members against it but they ‘held their ground’.


During a time when material achievements define a person’s worth, this decision is laudable indeed. But shouldn’t the couple have thought of this before they had a child?


We have just one question to ask - Did someone ask the 3-year-old child what she wants?


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Comments (15)


That's sad! The poor kid has to suffer now ☹

Rebecca Prakash

Really sad no excuses in the name of religion. Why did they give birth? Just for the vansh aage bade funda. This is selfish.

Rimsha Idrees

to whom they give d kid??

Yogini Kandre

The kid will live with his grand parents 😔


Thats really sad. did the monk system tell them to leave their child at small age.. very bad.. then why did they gave birth!

Richa Chowdhary

I think the mom is not getting the monkhood now till child is old to certain age..

deepika sankhla

ya ryt  guruji will nt giving her diksha

Sumira Bhatia

I didn't know about this . Moksha doesn't mean giving up on those who are dependent on you. taking up vows of monkhood, is incredibly selfish when you have a baby to fend for. Giving up property was one thing but giving up on a child is different all together and NOT ON!!

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh

trust me if i felt disgusted lookin at their stupid faces...look tat baby...hw can u leave a baby jus become monks! its utter nonsense... bein a mother is the best thin..i don think tey ll ever hv peace even if sit an meditate their entire life...mothers like this shud never gv birth... if ur not decidated or committed in motherhood then how can u be in monkhood! i am so angry!

Satyam Sharma

how can people attain salvation by leaving their kids alone. thankfully there is stay put on lady's deeksha so that she can take care of the baby. for now only the father is going ahead.

Shruti Giri

why you even think that this decision is loudable ..not at all... if you wanted to do this with your life..why the hell you even thought of getting pregnant n make that child suffer for the rest of her life that too for the sake of salvation...

Preeti P

as per latest news , the organisation has refused to grant Dhiksha to the mother, so the child will be staying with the mother

sanjida khan

aise logo Ko maa baap banne ka koi haq nahi hota. inse kaho Jara un couple se pucho Jake jo bacche ki khushi Ko feel nahi kar pate ya jinke bacche ki kisi bhi reason se death ho jati hai. really sad

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne

i think the father should also bit be granted diksha... i child needs both his parents.. being a father is no lesser responsibility...

Sahana Bapat

I call this totally selfish act. Moksha can be attained at any stage of life even while attaining family responsibility. I know there are different school of thoughts. But people should use their brains. Why can't they take their diksha at the time of vanaprathashram. Why so much in hurry for moksha???

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