9 Fun Things to Do During The 9 days of Dasara With Your Kid in Bangalore!

Dasara = festival time = holidays for kids = what to do with them for 9 long days!!??


Here are the 9 fun things that I have tried with my daughter and might work for you too!


Day 1: Road Trip!

Taking a road trip together. Pack your bags for a day and head to Mysore for the Dasara celebrations. Enjoy the decorated and lit up Mysore Palace or experience the Dasara procession that happens every year. Indulge in the food festival happening at Lalit Mahal Hotel or you can shop at the Dasara Exhibition. You have many options. 


Day 2: Window shopping for Dolls or "Gombe"s!

One of the most prominent celebrations in the city during Dasara is, the Gombe Habba, where dolls passed on through generations, are displayed at home. Many artefacts and emporiums showcase a huge range of dolls at the stores. Kids love browsing through these treasure troves of traditional dolls. 

  • Few stores in Jayanagar: Raga artefacts, opp to Shalini grounds
  • Tarang store opp AVJ jewellers.


Day 3: Dasara Habba Sweets!

Spend a morning preparing your favourite Dasara Sweets like payasam, Gulab jamun or even Gajar ka halwa. Get the kids to help and make it a Master Chef class. Relish your preparations with a Cuppa coffee and badam milk. 

Dessert recipe for special occasions: Chenna toast


Day 4: Dasara Stories!

Dasara is all about good over evil. Tell stories about the story of Goddess Durga and Lord Rama who won over their evil opponents Mahishasura and Ravana respectively. If you want to have your kid attend a storytelling workshop or a puppet show, then here are your options.  

  • Friday 22nd Sep, Dussera storytelling at The Green Pocket, Contact - 9945616926
  • Friday 2nd Oct, Story Time for Family at Kavade Attic, Contact - 9945799224
  • Sunday 2nd Oct, Dussera Puppet Show at Kavade Attic, Contact - 9980022820


Tell your child the story of Goddess Durga!, 7 Beautiful Books About the Goddesses For Your Little Ones!


Day 5: Take a Walk, Enjoy the sights!

Bengalurubyfoot is organising a walk that will take guests to view Dasara dolls at three different places. Kids can learn more about the dolls and stories behind them on this walk. 

Sep 21st to 30th, Benglurubyfoot


Day 6:  Paint the Blues away!

There many Dasara themed free printables available online. Print a few and turn the day into a Dasara Painting day with your kids. Or, enrol your kid at a painting competition.

Sep 24th at Parampara Atta, contact - 9632698500


Day 7: Gombe Habba! 

If you don't have the ritual of arranging dolls, take your kid to any of these places that will be showcasing their Gombe decoration. It's open to all with a free entry, so this is not something you should miss!

Sep 26th, Dasara Doll Arrangement at Aim Montessori, contact: 41463699

Sep 26th, Dasara Doll Tour by Bengalurubyfoot, Contact : https://www.facebook.com/events/1786919977992733/

Sep 26th, Gombe Display at Parampara Atta, contact: 9632698500

Sep 13th to 30th, Darasa Doll Exhibition at Untitled Space, contact: 9483985437


Day 8: Make an Effigy!

To mark the win of good over evil and Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, an effigy of Ravan is set on fire. So why not make an effigy with your kid! Whether to burn it later or not, is entirely your call. Head to this place to make your very own effigies.

Sep 26, Ravana Effigy Making workshop at The Untitled space, contact - 9483985437


Day 9: Make your own "Golus" or clay dolls!

DIYs are the latest trend with kids and adults in equal measure. Here’s your chance to make your own Gombe or clay dolls. Here are a few places conducting workshops on clay dolls:



Make this Dasara a gadget free occasion and spend few hours with your kid indulging in festivities and related activities.

Wish you and your family a very happy Happy Dasara in advance! 

May the good triumph in your lives always!!

Have you planned something different this Dasara? Share with us in the comments box below!


Source of banner image: rediff.com 

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