Why Should Your Child Play With Puzzles?

If you have been following the series How to develop your baby’s brain’ series on BabyChakra, you would know that I am a big fan of the Montessori-themed activities as it gives our little beings a lot of freedom.


Puzzles are a great toy as it helps in building multiple skills  -


  • Fine Motor Skills / Hand Eye Coordination

The ability to hold those pieces, putting them rightly in the slots/grooves does not come across as easy to the toddlers as it appears to us.


  • Emotional Skills & Confidence

Have you ever seen the triumphant face of a toddler after s/he successfully solves the puzzle? They learn patience and gain a lot of confidence in the process of solving puzzles!


  • Memory

To remember which piece fits where and which one does not, no doubt the memory is being sharpened when your toddlers solves a puzzle


  • Logic & Problem Solving

Do I need to elaborate more? This soft skill is much needed as they grow into independent individuals.


  • Enhances Visual & Spatial Intelligence

Puzzles provide a beautiful opportunity to enhance the visual & spatial intelligence in an individual.


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To watch my son enjoying his puzzle time, please watch this video



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