Goddess Today, Untouchable Tomorrow?

It is that time of the year again. Little girls will be worshipped for being “goddesses”. And in a  few years, these very girls will be told that they are not supposed to enter the kitchen, sleep separately, not ‘pollute’ certain spaces and be shameful for what is essentially a bodily function.   


Last month, a 12-year-old committed suicide in Chennai because she was shamed by her teacher for a period stain on her clothes.


Do people even understand what a menstrual cycle is? How is it that when a girl gets her first period, its is celebrated as a sign of fertility but then onward, it is something to be ashamed of and hidden?  


During the festival, the spirit of innocence that a girl represents will be celebrated. How is it she loses this innocence when she starts menstruating?


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Comments (12)


Hi Priya ...well said
I wish this gets a eradiated completely ...it's very disturbing and really don't understand why people don't ask reasons before following all this...
what was the reason these rules were set in the past
...educated people at least can ask questions but they too blindly follow all of it which is shocking

Yogini Kandre

Hi Priya well said, me too against this, and not following this at all, i do pooja, diya at home when menstruating, going to temple everthing

Yogini Kandre

Purane logo ka aesa manana tha k menstruation k time pe ladies ko aaram milna chahiye house hold work se so that exertion na ho, but now a days pepole taking it wrongly, like polluting etc

Sumira Bhatia

it is maddening how a WOMAN would shame another that too a young girl on her period !!

Rhituparna Mitra

So many times women have refused to come during Saraswati Puja to my place...I have dragged them in. I have given the Pushpanjali on Durgashtami with my periods on. I told the goddess this is the only one ritual I follow in the whole year so if your other devotees have a problem, you should have checked the dates before coming!

Manveen (Motheropedia_Blog)

We have a Gurugranthsaheb in our home since years. As per rituals, we are to open the holy book in the morning and then close it and pray at night. ours has always been a big joint family. my grandfather, a very forward and liberal man always encouraged the daughter-in-laws to pray even on their periods. he said it's given by God, how does it define ones purity ? My family has grown with these values. Today, as a mom of a son and a daughter, I feel privileged for such an upbringing because I can educate more people around. We need to be the change. We need to bring the change.


This is just in time

Priya Iyer

Ruchita Dobriyal Nayantara @ MommyingBabyT Shruti Lakhani Shanthi Komaravolu Khushboo Mehta Gulmi Mamta Adhikari Sapna Asija Minakshi Bagri geeta miglani Harekrushna Nag Anshul Bafna SpiritualCoach sandhya anoop

Preeti Athri

Well-written article... Everyone needs some shaking up on this

Shruti Giri

This is so well written.

Pooja Singh

Hey! It's actually a big matter to talk about. Even I have faced it. Till the age of 11 or 12 something I was invited for kanya bhoj or whatever it is called but when I was invited for it after my 1st menses have occured I felt aa if I've done a crime. And I was in a dilemna whether to go or not. my mom dad was not like that they didnt stop me but i myself felt confused nd afraid whetger to go or not. bcoz i was aware of this thing...

Krutika Gor

How I wish it gets eradicated soon. Even at my in laws house I become and untouchable when I have periods. I have to sit in one corner of the house not touch anything n should sleep either on the sofa or on the floor. It's disgusting. But I have decided if at all I have a baby gal then im not going to make her do all these nonsense things.; Earlier things were different, there was not proper sanitation or hygiene but now in today's world u have all the facilities n technological advancement.. I do agree that earlier days women used to do the full household work on her own n hence those 5days she needed rest but people have made this thing come out as a totally different thing all together..

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