Between Career​ ​And​ ​Mommyhood -​ ​What​ Should ​I​ ​Pick?

Between Career​ ​And​ ​Mommyhood -​ ​What​ Should ​I​ ​Pick?

As a young girl, one tends to have dreams galore. Some stem out of excitement, some stem out of ambition while some stem out of the need for fulfilment. With time, girls turn into women and these dreams take another track. We begin to dream of marriage, a spouse and a household and gradually,​ ​kids.


At least, overtime, we tend to wonder how to tackle the professional and the personal dimensions together? Me for one, had a tough time tackling the two initially, right after getting hitched. While marriage was a wonderful deal, some professional stature had to go off—atleast for some time. However, the next stage – pregnancy and gradual mommyhood- are difficult for me to take a clear​ ​call​ ​over.


Notwithstanding​ ​the​ ​fact​ ​that​ ​I​ ​work-from-home my​ ​choices​ ​from​ ​now​ ​on​ ​are​ ​bound​ ​to​ ​get​ ​tougher.

Atleast for work-from-home professionals, there is nothing tougher than handling a career while pregnancy and post the same. The worst bane Indian work-from-home moms face is being taken for granted. No con-call or meeting is deemed worthy enough. There are times, when you actually feel that​ ​you​ ​need​ ​to​ ​take​ ​breaks​ ​from​ ​work​ ​to​ ​ensure​ ​that​ ​the ​ parantha​​ ​is​ ​cooked​ ​just​ ​right.


What​ ​I​ ​did​ ​to​ ​appease​ ​my​ ​responsibilities​ ​at​ ​home​ ​and​ ​work?

  • Well, for starters, I revamped my work targets. Sketchy though this sounds, I had no choice but to​ ​ensure​ ​that​ ​my​ ​work​ ​targets​ ​are​ ​designed​ ​differently.
  • Ensure​ ​that​ ​your​ ​basics​ ​are​ ​met​ ​and​ ​change​ ​your​ ​savings​ ​plan.
  • Design​ ​a​ ​plan​ ​that​ ​meets​ ​your​ ​kids’​ ​daily​ ​schedule.
  • Involve​ your life partner in your career—help him understand your goals and see what support he​ ​can​ ​meet​ ​out.
  • Prioritize your goals. In case mummy-hood is important,  get a nanny and monitor her instead of giving​ ​up​ ​work​ ​totally​.


The​ ​main​ ​point​ ​to​ ​understand​ ​when​ ​balancing​ ​mummy-hood​ ​with​ ​work​ ​is​ ​that​ ​you​ ​need​ ​to understand​ ​the​ ​fine​ ​balance​ ​of​ ​things.​ ​Giving​ ​your​ ​kids​ ​time​ ​is​ ​important​ ​but​ ​do​ ​it​ ​in​ ​ways​ ​that​ ​your career​ ​does​ ​not​ ​go​ ​for​ ​a​ ​toss.


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