How I Learn to Control my Temper and Stop Yelling at my Kids

No Matter how big your bundle (of joy) is, there are times when they quite upset you. There are those days when you are on the horns of a dilemma - whether to be a good parent or, be a nice parent (There’s a difference, think about it!)


In all the chaos and hullaballoo, you really wonder How to Control Your Anger and Stop Yelling at Your Kids!


1.Drink Some Water


Taking a moment to sit down and consume a chilled glass of water can work wonders. Add some sherbet or make a lemon cordial out of it, as sweet helps to enhance your mood and control your Anger. Errmm… don’t spill it!


2.Chant and Meditate

Chanting “Om Shanti Om” can be of help. Meditate for a while, but if that seems impossible, try the “inhaling and exhaling” gig. Breathe slowly and deeply to send your Anger for a walk.


3.Just Go Away

I know it is easier said than done, but just walk out of the place! Go in a different room, or maybe lock yourself in the loo. Moving away from the spot of tension breaks the stress and relieves you and the child both.


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