Sex In The Life Of a Pregnant Couple: What it Feels Like and What is Possible!

Sex In The Life Of a Pregnant Couple: What it Feels Like and What is Possible!

Pregnancy brings four kinds of changes in one’s sex life…


a) The couple really wants it (time for a roller-coaster ride!)


b) When mommy is hot (hmmm) and the daddy is not (wondering how baby’s exit point can be his entry point!!) 



c) The daddy really wants it ( but of course) but mommy is totally focused on keeping the food In her tummy!  


d) Both don’t want it (There’s always Netflix and popcorn!!)


In my own experience, my husband got an earful of progressively creative 'Sorry baby, not tonight' excuses for the initial first few weeks. I was always worried that the man bits might dent the little one’s head! But, come second trimester onwards, our world rocked! (thanks to my prenatal consultant’s advice)


So whatever kind of a couple you are, remember, sex during pregnancy is amazing (don’t ask me more, ok?!) and you should have it! Just remember, getting the deed done while pregnant needs a certain amount of creativity and tweaking in the routine.


So here’s my list of what you might expect in the next few months with regards to sex in the life of a pregnant couple: 



1. More Sexual Pleasure: Because of the high levels of emotion attached and a lot of blood rushing to the lady parts, let’s just say things in the bedroom can get more heated. It’s great to talk to your husband about this and reveal in the beauty of this transitioning time.



2. The Wholesome Mama: That’s what I was referred to by my husband! Not that I was very skinny but he just said he had more pounds of me to love. Pregnancy can actually be sexy and it’s necessary to not mix maternal feelings with sexuality. Also let’s not forget the fully blossomed top that men can’t resist! Make the most of it, people!


3. Creativity: So while you are mixing up colours in the nursery and checking out different positions, spruce up your bedroom life by experimenting with positions in the bedroom. It’s a great time to fulfill those unfulfilled fantasies! (think dirty, do some dirty!) 2nd trimester upwards, say bye to the missionary position (the discomfort of lying on the back is huge) and re-invent! There are several positions available on the internet. Just remember you aren’t a ‘yoga guru’ so don’t get too flexible!


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4. Take advantage of the 2nd semester: Many women feel better during the second trimester, so it is worth getting in as much as you can in those three months since the third trimester brings further obstacles (hello, huge bump!)


5. Intimacy and not sex: Long baths in a hot tub, a babymoon, foot massages, flirting and totally not talking about the baby sometimes are great alternatives to sexual intercourse.


6. Sex without the stress of contraceptives! This truly was the best for me!! Pregnancy sex is free from all the nerves of contraceptives and pregnancy! It opens up a world of possible set-ups and places!




7. It is great vaginal exercise: Don’t believe me? It’s true. Sex assists your muscles to work strongly and effectively giving your pelvic floor a first class workout.  You know those kegels you should be doing? Practice them during sex! Success guaranteed with the man!! (turn the TV on loud before you do!!)


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