Bedroom Tales: In the Mood for Experiments

It had been 10 long years. And I was in the mood for something different, really different. In bed.    


Finally, I convinced my husband. I had heard my friends talk about this and they swore that it changed things drastically in bed. Every marriage needs a change, I can safely assume. Especially a marraige after kids.


I had done my research. Having extensively pored over the internet, browsed through the various possible styles that would bring new comforts and shades into my bed, I narrowed onto something I would love to experiment with.


Just reading about the new feeling it brought to the body, the sensory pleasures a couple could derive out of it,  the coziness,  the bonding…it made me giddy with happiness.


Oh, the thrill of  something ‘new!’ I couldn’t wait.


The husband however, was reluctant. Usually one open to new ideas, this one wasn’t received by him well. I could understand. The ‘new’ change would impact him the most. He would be in the compromising position here.


On the night in mention, I lay in bed in anticipation. I could almost hear my heart.  He walked into the room soon. His gaze met mine. He looked unsure. He was fidgety.  He switched off the lights and slid in next to me.  The tone of our ‘new’ encounter had been set.


Next morning, I asked him ‘So, how was it?’


Peering over the edge of the paper, he grunted ‘I want the old blanket back!!’


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