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Top Posts For The Week

And we’re back! These MomStars we tell you….. Each time they just wow us with even more amazing posts! And this week’s top posts are….


  • Top Momstar Asha Chaudhary reminded us that women are a force to reckon with! She shared a wonderful ad that is a must-watch!

Read the complete post here.


  • Super Momstar Sonam announced that her baby is finally home! She thanked her Babychakra family for all the prayers. More power to you, Sonam!



Read the complete post here.


  • Baby sleep advice is worth its weight in gold! Many mums thanked Mom Buddy Dr Dhanya for her tips!



Read the complete post here.


  • What did Asha Chaudhary do when her maid didn’t turn up on a rainy day? We all want to know, don’t we?


Read the complete post here.




Read the complete post here.


6) All of us have a lot to say to our mothers-in-law. MomStar Shruti Giri did too.



Read the complete post here.




Read the complete post here.


  • “Beauty starts in your heart and not in your mirror,” Awesome thought for all of us who keep thinking that we should have a slimmer waist or better hair! Kudos Top MomStar Sheeba Vijesh!



Read the complete post here.


9) Nancy Singh is in trouble. What could she have done?



Read the complete post here.


10) “Hold onto your sneezes! Don’t laugh” Why is Kritika giving these tips?

Read the complete post here.


What are you waiting for? Go on and get busy with making posts, we want to feature you here. And if you are already on this list, then keep it coming!


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Comments (22)

Sonam patel

asha chaudhry Shruti Giri Rebecca Prakash Sheeba Vijesh Shiny Vincent nancy singh
have a look

Shruti Giri

yaaaayyyy!!! again!!!
thank u BBC...
kritika see this!!

Priya Sood

Awesome moms!!!! Keep going!!!


This is just in time

Nancy Singh

second in the row , thanks a lot
but why am i famous for all the wrobg reasons 🤔😎

Shiny Vincent

Oh Wow !!!Thank you BabyChakra 😍😘😘

asha chaudhry

thanks for sharing awesome stuff moms! and thank u content team for compiling this!

Bhrukuti Mistry

wowee... congratulations all.. amazing posts..

Dr.Dhanya Prajesh

thank u baby chakra!

Sumira Bhatia

awesome loved these posts

Parul Johari

congratulations to the superb moms!

Khushboo Chouhan

Anisha Agarwal

Nayana Nanaware

Congratulation to moms!


Fun to read 😉

Dr. Farah Adam

I missed most of these posts! n I m following all these moms! thanks babychakra for the compilation

Sheeba Vijesh

wow! congratulations to all moms!

Rebecca Prakash

wow thankyou 😊😊😊

Anisha Agarwal

Really nice posts .. I hope i make it to this list soon !!!

leesha jain

Sadia Yaser Zaidi Akrati Sakshi Singh raheema kp Lavikaa Goyal Shekhar Mitthi Bhakti Parab Lopamudra Nayak Sindhu Gandhimathi Vasudha

Priya Iyer

Ashoo Sharma Ami Bubna siddharth sharma Saurav Bagaria Kavita Biswas Rishi Jhangiani Eshita Dharia Hiral Ganatra Mrugendra Shintre Shweta Jhingran Tripathi Shalya Singhal

Manu Malhotra

Congrats to momz

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