Tips For Men When Woman is Pregnant

Tips For Men When Woman is Pregnant

A lot is spoken about tips for women during pregnancy. Here i shall be sharing my experiences and tips for men when the women is pregnant.


For a women during the pregnancy her man is the strongest pillar of support. There is an ancient concept called “Garbha-Samskara” or Educating the unborn child while in the womb. And it is here the partner plays a very important role.


What unborn child listens , feels and understands during this period is carried forward as teachings for life. Men need to help out the mother-to-be in doing this.


Apart from this very important role the men need to start t for the training for the many roles to play for the unborn child's needs. For example- Diaper training, feeding training, training to expose the child to challenging tasks so he/she becomes a strong person from early days of life,etc.


The Yoga classes are a must to go through the pregnancy and post partum period. It helps in tuning oneself to the things happening around more efficiently.


The perfect balance between work-family has to set in as both the mother and child require your attention and support during this phase of their lives.


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