Meet Perzen: Food is Serious Business For This Mom!

Meet Perzen: Food is Serious Business For This Mom!

My mom quotient

My mom quotient is to let go. When you become a mom, you have all these high expectations from your and yourself too. It’s natural to want to do everything for your baby. But if you hang on to each one of those expectations, then you are bound to get stressed because one person can’t do it all.




My Mom inc story

Before I got pregnant, I had my own catering business: the Bawi Bride Kitchen, which specialises in Parsi food. I decided to move my kitchen to my home when I got pregnant so that I didn't have to travel. This meant that I could work right until the very last day of pregnancy; in fact I even co-ordinated two catering orders while in labour! The client asked me if they had caught me at a bad time and I couldn't help laughing.


I was adamant that my business should not go into pause mode while on maternity leave. So I had trained and empowered my staff to manage with me just checking on them over the phone. Four months into being a full-time mom, I craved the daily hustle of my business and decided to start working on expanding it again. By the time that M was eight months, I had a co-founder and a new central kitchen in place.



We have a commercial kitchen at Mahim that is close enough to home and our kitchen is complete with a play area on the loft for when our Chairman (Baby M) visits.


Since I love writing, I am also in the midst of setting up a digital parenting magazine called P for Parenting in my 'spare time' (is that even a thing when you are a mom?) where I hope to pen down thoughts and stories on raising parents and parenting kids.


Who Inspired/ supported me the most

I am a big believer in leaning on your support system. I am lucky to get support from all my family members, especially from my husband who will happily take M to the gym or for a walk if I need some time to unwind. At work, my staff dotes on my son and the only reason I don't bring him to work more often is because he is a distraction for everyone!



So I regularly wear my baby on the back when I am needed to step in the kitchen to cook and support my team!


Advice for mompreneurs

My advice to mompreneurs would be to not let mom guilt consume you. I leave my 11-month-old sleeping in bed while I sneak out to work every day. I am regularly greeted with tears when I get back as my son has missed having me around but I am convinced that I am a better version of myself when I work and so that's what I choose to do. 



In 98% of cases, your kids will be perfectly fine with the baby care you have chosen for them and they WILL be proud of you when they grow up! So, say no to #MomGuilt.


Why I love BabyChakra

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