Most Popular Articles On Babychakra In September 2017

September was a celebratory month at BabyChakra, with the colours of Navratri flooding our articles and activities. Read what got our moms and dads hooked onto BabyChakra in the previous month!


  • B-town’s youngest member was flooded with congratulatory messages!



It's a Baby Girl For Soha And Kunal!


  • Should a child get any screen time at all? What do you think?



Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?


  • This lime and lemony piece surprised many moms. It might surprise you too!



Add Zest to Your Life With Lemon!


  • Is our country safe for our children?



Making The Country Safe For Our Kids: What Can We Do?


  • It takes courage to adopt a child with a disability and have absolutely no regrets. Read Kavita Baluni’s story here if you haven’t already!



Kavita Baluni Tells us About Being an Adoptive Mother to a Baby With Down Syndrome!


  • How does a new mum feel? Beatific? Tired? Or like a cow?



Happy Now. Tired Next. Dhoban Later.


  • Our moms had a lot to say about a couple who gave up even their child for monkhood!



Maya or Moksha


  • Navratri was kicked off with the colour yellow and this spongy, yummy recipe!


Navratri Special: Mellow Yellow Semolina Cake With Saffron


  • Even science says banana is a friend and not a foe!



3 Scientific Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ditch The Wonder Food: Banana


  • This woman’s leg fell off right in front of her? What did she do?



Shalini’s Limbs Fell Off in Front of Her. And What Did She do? Read on!


  • We worship little girls during Navratri. Why do we treat them as untouchables later?



Goddess Today, Untouchable Tomorrow?


  • Care for some yummy pesto toast?



Navratri Special: Simply Green Pesto Chilli Cheese Toast


  • Why do mums forget so much? Has it got to do with being a mom itself?



The Anatomy of a Mommy Brain!


  • Milk. Its controversial.



After a Year of Research & Debate, Here’s Why I Gave Up Milk!


Did your favourite article make it to the list? If not, tell us in the comments below. Stay tuned for more amazing content on BabyChakra!


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Most of these are awesome but the one on goddess touches a chord somewhere strongly!

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Tells me how..

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This is so well written.

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wonderful collection!

Priya Sood

Valuable collection!!! All our moms are so awesome for posting

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