How to Make Quick And Easy DIY Baby Wipes

How to Make Quick And Easy DIY Baby Wipes

“As soft as a baby’s bottom.” Whether or not you’ve heard this idiom before, as a mum, you know that babies’ bottoms are extremely delicate and need extra care. But with repeated cleansing and wiping, our little ones’ skin (especially at the bottom) becomes easy target for infections and rashes.


When baby wipes came,  moms rejoiced as it paved way for convenient cleansing; just wipe and throw. But at the end of the day, store-bought wipes have chemicals in them, however ‘gentle’ they might be.


Here’s an absolute genius way to make your own baby  wipes that are safe, easy and devoid of any harsh and harmful chemicals.


Things needed:

  1. One knife
  2. One Kitchen roll
  3. Baby oil
  4. Your trusted brand of baby wash
  5. Hot water (Medium to Hot)
  6. Empty container to put wipes



  1. Cut the kitchen roll horizontally into half with knife
  2. Take a measuring cup and add hot water into it
  3. Add the baby wash and baby oil into the hot water in 1:2 ratio
  4. Since water is hot, mix well so that it dissolves easily
  5. Put the kitchen roll in an empty container and pour the above mixture on the roll thoroughly and close the container for 15 mins
  6. Open it after 15 mins and then remove and discard the cardboard tube of the roll.
  7. Make an X-shape cut to the lid of the container and pull one tissue to use (similar to the way wet tissues or wipes come in a box)
  8. Your DIY baby wipes are ready! They can be easily torn and used.


Tip: A Vitamin E capsule can be added to the mixture for healthy and glowing skin.


Isn’t this an awesome idea? Your baby’s bottom is going to thank you for this by being as soft as ever! Try and it out and let me know in comments  how your experience was.


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