Toddler Tantrum 1: I Don't Want To Go

Toddler Tantrum 1: I Don't Want To Go

This almost always happens! Be it at birthday parties, parks, funfairs or a playdate at a cousin’s place. Whenever you say, “Time to go!”, the kids just don’t want to leave. Your statement is sure to get you a tantrum.


To get the better of your toddler’s tantrums, first understand why your toddler has a tantrum.


When you say, “Let’s go,” your toddler sees it as:


“She’s mean. She doesn’t want me to play. My friends are still playing. I haven’t got a turn on the horse yet! Mom won’t let me do what I want!”



While these are all fair and legitimate thoughts running helter skelter in your toddler’s mind, a tantrum should not be a mode of expression. You know that and so should s/he.


But is it worth a fight?

Yes! Toddlers have no concept of time and thus, repetitive and consistent instructions help them. Besides, they want control over their life and act out on impulse to feel noticed.


Here’s how you can handle this:



This makes the child feel in control.



Prepare him/her to say bye.




Toddlers need repetition to assert importance.  



This will give him/her something to look forward to.



S/he will be reminded of the fun waiting for her after.



When toddlers receive assurance, they feel secure.


Reward your toddler with praises when s/he listens to you. Sometimes, hunger, sleep and exhaustion levels, all contribute to a toddler’s tantrums.


So the next time before you drop the ‘Let’s go bomb’, be equipped to deal with the toddler storm.


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