Meet Kirti Mehta: A Success Story In Baking

Meet Kirti Mehta: A Success Story In Baking


My Mom Quotient  


Motherhood has been a steep learning curve for me. From not knowing how to bathe a baby to endless nights trying to soothe a colicky baby, I learnt everything from scratch. I started work from home three months after delivery. I only used to work nights as mornings were busy with my daughter. My daughter is my best friend, we chill together, eat together and dance together.



Mom Inc. Story


Bake Me is not my business, it’s my passion. The idea of Bake Me was conceived when I saw my husband’s best friend’s daughter Eva, baking enthusiastically at tender age of 3. I realized that there needs to be something in the market that makes baking fun for children.


Many people ask me about the profits I reap. That’s not my focus. Right now, I fuel Bake Me  with my savings so that my goal to make it one of the most innovative products and brand to reckon with is achieved.  Bake Me is the first ever baking kit in India, there is no competition, however the Indian consumers need to be educated about baking as life essential skill and of a great parent-child bonding activity.



Who Inspired You the Most


My husband, inspired me and supported my decision. Never did he ever ask me to rethink what I was doing, in fact whenever I had doubts, he always pushed me towards my goal. My parents and my siblings were always encouraging.



Advice for Mompreneurs


I am a one-woman army and honestly I couldn’t have thought of starting a new business without being a mom. Women, especially mothers have super powers and they can do anything they wish to, especially for their children.Never be afraid of failures they’re one step closer to success. Children learn from examples, set an example for them.




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