6 Things That Happen Every Year on Karwachauth

6 Things That Happen Every Year on Karwachauth

Karwachauth is one festival that has gained immense popularity, all thanks to Bollywood! It won’t be wrong to say that Karwachauth is one festival in North India, which can easily be labeled as the most glamorous of occasions. And fast spreading to cities across the country that have a love for Bollywood and dressing up!


But once you are a mother, the hormones, the roles and responsibilities through the day, change immensely and while one is still all gung-ho about the festival, hormones, kids and everything else do take a toll on your celebrations. Every mom who has fasted on Karwachauth has definitely been through these situations on this beautiful & special day. Give me a Nod if you have too!!



  • The 4 AM Alarm


No matter how enthusiastic one may be for the fast, waking up at 4 am is the real deal breaker. Wake up, take a bath, and take my life man!!!


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  • But then there’s this awesome Sargi


Gorgeous jewellery, yummy food, fruits, sweets and Fainiyan!! WAKE UPP MOMMA!!! Mom-in-law sent some gifts for you :-P


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  • Then starts the day in some time.


And you get busy with tiffin boxes, lunch packing and breakfast, the maid, the milk man, the grocery and ultimately your office or work from home projects, basically everything there is! Whoooop goes the afternoon and you are all busy with your chores for the day.


Source: media.tenor.com



  • But things begin to change as we get closer to the evening.


Migraines, growling stomach, growing fatigue of the day – all these guys begin to walk in to say hello, leaving you in something of a weird state.

So when your baby calls you – ‘Mumma, Mumma’ and you find yourself snapping back with “KI HOYAAA TENNNUUU???” (What happened to you?)


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  • Then comes the most awaited time of the day – The evening!


The colour of the occasion is blood red! And as you get ready and walk down to gather with your friends, checking out what everyone has worn and how pretty each of them look, you realize that everything & everyone is just, too … RED!


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  • Arrival of the Husband


Usually he’s in by 8 pm, but on Karwachauth, somehow his boss will hand him some extra chores and he’ll reach later than usual. Rule of the thumb! But when he does, there’s a certain wave of love and affection you feel towards him. There’s no denying how beautiful that moment is in its truest sense.


Source: media.giphy.com


The festival of Karwachauth may come just once a year, but it gives us pleasant memories for the rest of the year. The gifts, the love, the pampering – it definitely is a festival of its kind.


I wish and pray you have a beautiful bond between your dear Husband and You, and have an amazing, gifts and fun filled Karwachauth!


Happy Festivities!!


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