I Don’t Fast During Karwa Chauth

Those words changed my mind. I questioned Karwa Chauth.


We all sat in a circle as we adjusted our lehengas. The sound of our bangles and the soft tune of the folk songs overpowered the sound of our growling tummies. We awaited the moon every Karwa Chauth. It was a tradition I followed because others did. At first it was my family and then my friends and my neighbours did. I never bothered to give it much thought. Why would I? It was an occasion to dress up in my wedding lehenga that still fitted me (thankfully), call a few friends over, and participate in traditional ceremonies and the mesmerizing story.


My husband never insisted nor did he ever accompany me to fast in the celebration. I never expected it, but deep down though I did wish he would, just as a romantic gesture. But that is surely not the reason why just a few words changed my mind.


For a big foodie like me, a little food abstinence did no harm. It was a bit tough but nothing that I couldn’t manage. I am always willing to give fasting a try during Navratri and Shivratri. My husband’s long life has and will always be in my prayers that I do every day. Then why did I celebrate Karwa Chauth? I asked myself this for the very first time only after this question came from my four-year-old, who was observing my every decision, my every move.


“Why do all the Mommies stay hungry?” Asked the little curious one.


“To pray for the long life of the Daddies.” I replied.


“So my wife will stay hungry and I will get a long life?” He said with a big smile and a sparkle in his innocent eyes. “What about your long life?” he added. I just smiled.


For my family’s long life I ensure we all exercise. I cut down and the oily junk and schedule regular doctor visits.


I am not sure if I gave the best answer to my son. So, I started a bit of soul searching to find out why I celebrated our tradition. I am very proud of my culture and I ensure that I instill this pride and traditional values to my child as well.


For every festival, I attempt to understand and appreciate the reason, the values and the heritage that accompanies it.


To do or not to do the fast? It was always my choice. And I made it. My logic is still unsatisfied. Till then my prayers, healthy practices and our karma will guide our lives.   


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Comments (21)

Sumira Bhatia

Priya Sood great article . . even I don't know why we fast but I fast for the simple reason . . DETOX!! haha of course deep down I wish he'd fast for me too but does my fasting effect either of our lives no . . I wish a good good health and I agree healthy eating habits and exercise is the real key

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne

in our case... i fast coz he fasts..!!! n yes.. it is purely to detox... also to rekindle th3 romance at least once a year.. n of course how can i forget gifts.....

Mamta Washist

nice article.
from what i know...in olden golden days there were no means of entertainment like we have today. karvachauth, teej and all these were celebrated so that ladies could come together,  socialize and enjoy.

Nisha Dayal

Nice one,  I fast for detox and the pampering

Sonam patel

Awesome write up... I don't fast as in my family karwa chauth is not celebrated.

asha chaudhry

awesome article priya! i don't believe in it either :)

Priya Sood

Thank you!!! I always question the reasoning...no harm either ways. But i like to define what i do and why. Good karma good life:)

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

whole my sasural family fast for karwachauth but we both- i mean myself and my hubby, now including my Lo, just go for a long drive with a good supper,,, as mostly we both get time during these occassions and ofcourse we both dont believe.. but the interesting thing is my in law family never judge me for that 😂 ofcourse my Mil and Fil do have a romantic karwachauth, Fil fasts on this day for his wife :) i appreciate them lot.. Priya Sood loved every line, good article..

Priya Sood

Thanks Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa!!  Fil fast too! wow.

Satyam Sharma

My papa always fasted for Mumma.. so I was brought up thinking that both of them are adding years in their lives..
And then I got married.. and just like that I thought my hubby will also fast.. he told me very clearly that neither he nor I should fast!!
But but me being me I still thought it is good to fast..
And then I not only fast on karwachauth but a similar fast like that is observed three others times as well during the year.. so in all we have total 4 chauths.. and not all four are for hubby, one is for kids the other two are for family's well being

Bhavna Anadkat

Completely agree Priya Sood ....superb article

Priya Sood

Thanks Bhavna Anadkat

Aishwarya Shukla

Agree v true great article Priya di

Mariyum Aaquib

Nice article.. how I wish we had this tradition.. 'soul searching' i lykd d phrase Priya Sood

Madhavi Cholera

Priya Sood ..i m totally agree with this..i dont believe, that if we dont eat anything whole day, then our hubby gets long life!!! well written...

Sania Bhushan

Totally agree.Even i donot believe; in this.If a wife doesnot eat for the whole day then his husband will get a long life what a silly myth.We have heard so many news that on the KARVACHAUTH day a wife lost his husband even she was; fasting from the morning..Even i lost my father after few days of Karva.Then what is the significance of this fast.We can say that we live in a society where we have to follow our customs n traditions.Only a few women fast with a belief that by fasting my husband will get a long life n others only for the sake of society

Priya Sood

Thank you all Sania Bhushan Madhavi Cholera; Mariyum Aaquib; Aishwarya Shukla for taking out time to read it and share your views

Vipra Naik

I don't believe in karwachauth but I do fast, actually I like the whole pampering n love I get, We are sikh n in our family no one fast, but i do as i love to get all ready and obviously all the extra love I get from my hubby.; 😊. Actually all this things should not be compulsory on a woman, if she want she can fast else not.

Krutika Gor

yes dear sometimes we just follow certain traditions without knowing the real logic behind it coz our elders have been doing it.. but yeah awesome write up dear :)

Priya Dubey

Awesome article...... I fast for new dress and extrs love, pampering from my husband 😂

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