Let's Gift Ourselves Some Truth This World Mental Health Day

How many of us can say that we are in the best of mental health?


It was only last week that we came across news of a Japanese woman having died in 2013 because she was heavily overworked.


It was only last month that we came across news of a woman throwing her 8-year-old from the top of a building, twice. The child succumbed to her injuries, The mother was believed to have been ‘unstable’.


It was only last year that a TV actress, in her twenties, killed herself by hanging to death.


It isn’t a coincidence that all of them are women. It is an established fact that women are among the most vulnerable when it comes to mental well-being. As for us Indian women, we are already so used to neglecting our own physical health that mental health does not even feature on our list.   


We are expected to (not just by the world at large, but even by our own selves) to be in the best frame of mind to bear a child, raise a child and run a family. But what we shoudl do to ensure that we stay in that frame of mind is a grey area.


While we go about our lives as ‘superwomen’, it is important for us to understand that we are human too. And it is ok to have the blues. The important thing is to be able to recognise it and seek help.


And believe, it has taken me a long time to get here. I had the blues, for a long time. And it wasn’t a pleasant experience. It was like a huge black hole that would suck up all my energy and will. It was a magnet for all the negative energies of the world. And when I was deep in it, I wanted so much to drown but something kept me afloat.


But it does not have to be left to chance. There is nothing wrong with having a mental condition. It is World Mental Health Day today. Let’s pledge to be more aware of ourselves and seek help and support when required.


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Comments (14)

how true! we DON'T have to be superwomen . . let's just be women first . .  mental peace is so important

This is exactly what I was looking for.

i have lately realized this since m now a housewife and not a working women. Sitting at home has just taken my mental peace away.Talking about mental peace alot of factors are related to it i feel one such factor is staying with some negative people ruin who ur peace of mind no matter how much ever u try to stay calm and positive but the factors surrounding you dnt let u do so. one such big irritating example is my mother in law and adding to it is my husband both of them have just frustrated me and taken the  peace of mind away

Varsha Adusumilli Radhika Patel Parth Agrawal Daksh Gulati Mansi Pincha niyati mutha Malika Juneja  Ina Chakravarti Leena Princy Jia Chawla Sarah Syed Aditya Lakhanpal Symantika Gaurav  Kainaz Daver Kanchyan Narang

thats so true..we are expected to do every job with perfection ..from washing dishes in the kitchen to maintaing registers at work..everything shud be up to the mark..we have to listen to everyone without being listened to..quite frustrating..and in most cases its a women who doesnt let the other live peacefully...the key to live peacefully is to b ur own frnd...

This is so well written.

This is just in time

so true... we r overburdening ourselves to be perfect for everyone for everything in every aspect..

as moms we try to balance too many things when the truth is we are juggling much more than we can handle. result: we sometimes break. thanks for this article priya :)

Nic article.....

I read in medical college and every mental health day a little seminar held in my college. In this seminar, the lecturers told me about mental conditions. They told us much informative information.https://www.oncallcentral.com/

It's true mentally stronger should be to women n girls ..correct atmosphere correct..nature ... surrounded...will help them to follow there all worthy path of live virture...

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