Introducing Mommy Minis

Hello there! Here's presenting Mommy Minis, our attempt to capture your experiences and frame them forever.  On the ocassion of International Day of The Girl Child, our moms decided to tell us what girls mean. Take a look and show your love!   






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Comments (13)

Kritika Lall

wow loved the thoughts! Sumira Bhatia 👍😊

Bitty Agarwal

This is so well written.

Zubair Aazmi

This is just in time

Akshaya Naresh

This is so well written.

Dr. Payal M

Really nice Sumira Bhatia

Sonam patel

Loved this Preeti Athri Sumira Bhatia

Gunjan Gupta Upadhyay

This is so well written.

Garima Singla

well written 👌


Very well written


Wow... Nice!!!

Sowmya Prithvi

Wow v.nice 👏

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