Try This Easy DIY Wall Hanging Using Old Audio Cassettes With Your Kids

Try This Easy DIY Wall Hanging Using Old Audio Cassettes With Your Kids

13 Oct 2017 | 3 min Read


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Diwali is round the corner and it’s time to spice up your Home with fresh decor and style.


While you are busy doing other things, involve your Kids too in decorating Home. They will love to be a part of celebrations. Go for DIY rather than purchasing pricey decor.


If you are planning for Eco-friendly Diwali, this DIY activity will keep them busy apart from Crackers. Moreover, it will spark their creativity.


We all must have few audio cassettes lying in our store rooms. Let’s put them to good use.

Material required:


  • Audio Cassettes, Ribbon or thick thread, Glue Gun / Feviquick and Acrylic paint.
  • Rubbing alcohol to clean the surface (optional)
  • Varnish to give it glossy look (optional)
  • Glass liner tube (optional)



  • Wash the tapes to remove the paper stickers, if any. Let them dry completely.
  • Clean them with Rubbing Alcohol/Spirit to remove any dirt or grease.
  • Paint them with different acrylic colors. Let them dry for at least 24 hours.
  • Once dry. Draw any pattern with pencil first. Kids can draw their favorite cartoon characters, rangoli design or diyas.



  • Paint them in different colors. Let them dry for another 24 hours.


To make it a Welcome wall hanging:



  • Take a piece of foam  (You can use wood plank cut in shape)
  • Cut it to desired size
  • Write “Welcome” with the help of glass liner tube.
  • Place all the cassettes (with back side facing you) in vertical alignment leaving some space between each of them and welcome sign at the end
  • Apply glue to the ribbon or thread. Place it over the cassettes carefully (as glue from the gun is hot). Press it lightly with your hand. Assist your Kids for this step. Keep it aside for few hours to help it dry.
  • Optional- At the end, You can use varnish to paint the surface of cassettes to give it a glossy look.


Do you have some old tapes at you Home? Take them out and turn them into lovely wall hangings.


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