Mommy Minis: Sumira Bhatia

Hello There! We hope you are enjoying and loving the Mommy Minis series.


Missed it? No problem! Here’s a roundup of the Mommy Minis published last week. BabyChakra Momstar Sumira Bhatia just dazzled us with her sense of humour. We are sure you will agree



  • Now that is definitely an original! All that annoying advice moms are subject to..Sumira in her characteristic humorous best.  




  • How many of you have fond memories of those flowing locks which are now more often than not seen in a bun these days?




  • Maybe all moms have a baby compartment in their heads? What say?



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This is too cute

Absolutely adorable & completely relatable!

wow very nice

This is exactly what I was looking for.

Very nice

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