Diwali is Incomplete Without These Things..

Diwali is Incomplete Without These Things..

What’s Diwali without some Soan Papdi, about a 100 forwards, loads of cash and some diwala.


Diwali DIWALI!! Amongst the favorite festivals in the country.  You are wondering what’s so funny about that? I do love to look at the lighter side of any situation, so here’s my take on what Diwali means - some fun, a bit of nostalgia and a lot of humour in there!


So dear readers, tighten up your seat belts. Sit up snug in your chair, we don’t want you to fall and roll off the floor.


Here goes the list..



  • The godforsaken Soan Papdi


Whoever invented Soan papdi must be on cloud 9 now. 99% of the annual sales of soan papdi must happens during Diwali. Not that everyone eats it so much, but somehow everyone collectively decided that it has to be the mithai to take along. The result? You get truck-loads of soan papdi gifts, for that never ending (or so we believe) shelf life.


And you definitely feel like telling relatives who bring you 5 packs of God forsaken Soan papdi on Diwali? Aata Majhi Satakli!! (Now, I have lost it!)


Source: media.tenor.com



  • Everything has Diwali Sale Ads


From clothes, to accessories, to even chaddis and diapers - You name it, and it’s on sale! Newspapers and all other electronic media are loaded with ads on these. Results? You binge shop like that’s the last time you’d ever shop!


Source: im.hunt.in/cms/oob/l/wed228023.gif



  • Diwali Gifts are one thing, the cash flow is another!


Especially,  from your parents and older people in the house, who also offer cash along with gifts. An even fantabulous bonanza if it’s your baby’s first Diwali. (This only means more for emergency shopping through the rest of the year)


Source: d2rj11yhftc112.cloudfront.net



  • You get tons of messages


SMSes and Whatsapp messages come in by the kilos. But the real fun lies in the tons of facebook posts where XYZ tagged you and 295 others. And at least 50% decide to reply! *Ting Ping Ring doink doink* go your notifications!


Source: s2.scoopwhoop.com



  • Diwali Parties, Dressing Up and Gambling


Diwali Parties are the most ‘IN’ thing in today’s time. So doll up, and play a game or two and bet what you have. Somehow, gambling is one thing that is totally justified on this one day in the year. And get that – the dadis and nanis have become pro with their years of expertise, so you better be  careful with your wad.


Source: media.giphy.com



  • Laxmi Pooja and associated Benefits


That one day in the year (ok maybe not the only day) when you can eat without counting calories because the divine power blessing you from heaven will not let you gain weight. (Err...that is what I tell myself. It should work for you too).  


Source: img.buzzfeed.com



  • The day ethnic clothes find their way out of the wardrobe.


All the money you spent on them will probably get ‘vasooled’ on this day. On other days, they are likely to get the cold shoulder.  


Source: browngirlmagazine.com



  • And, some Diwala on Diwali too


There’s just no end to the list of people who expect a bonus and some sweets from you. But at the end you don’t mind giving either, because, “Hey, it’s Diwali”, and spreading happiness is the best way to celebrate it!



We plan to have a smoke-free Diwali in 2017 and would love to see you join in the fun. But even if you have plans of bursting some crackers, don’t forget to share awesome Diwali pics with your Babychakra family.


Until we meet again, a very Happy Diwali to all of you, from all of us!! Cheers!


Tell us in comments what is your most funniest memory of Diwali.


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