Should Children be Raised Gender Neutral?

Should Children be Raised Gender Neutral?


While I was pregnant, the single most common question I was asked by people was: ‘You want a girl or a boy?’  But this conception didn’t bother my husband or me. We always wanted a cute healthy child, be it boy or a girl. And finally, I gave birth to a baby boy.  As parents, are we thinking of raising him in gender–neutral ways? No! Now before you people shoot me, I want you to know that I have my reasons for not agreeing with this gender-neutral thing.


It is not just about the color wheel:
Pink is for girls, Blue is for boys. We were always made to believe this notion since the very beginning. For example: I won’t mind if I see my boy wearing pink color, but I will surely panic if I see him wearing a pink dress. 


I don’t think it will produce any useful results:
I think the concept of gender neutrality is futile.  And I also feel that it is a form of dishonesty and a pure lie and is something that is just not acceptable to parents like us.


Bad effects on the child:
Gender neutrality will only confuse the child and prevent him/her from understanding themselves and their relationship with others. Putting emphasis on men and women being equal is something I have always believed in and is what we should continue to strive towards.


Equality can’t be achieved like this:
It is a very bad idea to achieve equality by raising children to be gender neutral. I would rather work hard to teach my boy to be a good man who respects women and treats them equally.


We, as parents have a very crucial role in influencing our children and it is our duty to teach them about sexual identity.  And above all this, we should never forget that a part our brain and the hormones running in our blood motivates men to be men and women to be women through natural behavior.


 In the end, I just want to say that I think that it is very wrong to say to a baby that you can decide who you want to be without them even fully understanding the difference. Just imagine the turmoil of those people who really have gender problems where they genuinely feel that they have been born into the wrong body. This is something that should be highlighted and they need help to become a person they wish to be. But, Please don’t turn it into a ‘trend’. It will only increase the gender issues.


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