7 Ways to Stay Healthy During Diwali

7 Ways to Stay Healthy During Diwali

India is a country where one festival follows the other and we enjoy festivals throughout the year. Festivals bring in lot of eating and treating to ourselves. 


I love these festivals as it gives me the leisure to eat, eat and eat. But all of you know the saying very well- “Once on the lips will be life time on the hips”. We don’t want this to happen. We would like to celebrate the healthier way.


Here’re ways to take care of health around festivals: 


1. Workout: I know it’s a festival and you are going to be too busy. But a festival can be celebrated by taking long walks with friends and relatives too. Try and workout at least half an hour as per your routine. This balances the calories. 


2. Breakfast: This is the most important meal of your day. Try and have good heavy breakfast so that you don’t crave for those sweets or farsan.


3. Homemade sweet: Try to make sweets at home using dates or natural sweetener. Use Ragi or other Millet as flour and In place of milk you can use soya milk or cashew milk. This will give you health benefits with your festive treat.


4. Gifts: We always give dry fruits to our friends and relatives for Diwali with one small pack of homemade sweet or farsan.


5. Farsan: Make farsan that needs least amount of oil and/or bake it in the oven which is the easiest. So, this will binge your craving while you eat healthy food. 


6. Detox: If at all you eat sugar sweets and oily stuff during Diwali, detox your body. A three-day post Diwali detox is a must if you have dumped the wrong things in your tiny tummy. 


7. Liquid: Drink lots of water, lemon water and green tea. Avoid tea with sugar as much as possible. 


How do you plan to maintain your health this Diwali?


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