Let's Celebrate A Smoke Free Diwali

Let's Celebrate A Smoke Free Diwali

No patakhe. No pollution.


Air pollution is a serious cause of concern in India, especially so in our cities. The rate of increase of particulate matter in air each year is alarming and the situation becomes worse during Diwali.


Crackers are more harmful than you think. They cause:

  • Noise pollution
  • Make air pollution worse
  • Cause accidental injuries


Crackers are harmful due to the toxic chemicals and heavy metals used to make them.


Babies and children are affected worse than adults by inhaling poisonous fumes of crackers during Diwali.


Chemicals in crackers and their effects:


The fuel used to propel fireworks is made of sulfur. Inhaling sulfur dioxide causes breathing difficulties.  Each of the colours used in crackers has its own harmful side effects.  






After reading all this, would you want your child to be exposed to these chemicals?


Let’s take an oath to celebrate a clean, green and healthy Diwali this year!


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