Let's Enjoy A Silent Diwali This Year

Let's Enjoy A Silent Diwali This Year

The sound of firecracker is not always pleasant to the ears. Some of them are very harmful to the expecting mother, her unborn baby, newborns and small children.


What is our normal hearing range?


We generally hear sounds between the “threshold of hearing” and “threshold of pain.” Normal human hearing range is 0 -140 dBA (decibels). Sound above 140 dBA is said to be painful for our ears.


Level of sounds and their effect: 



Range of common sounds 


Did you note that quite a few firecrackers are very close to the pain threshold or even louder?


Children who are most affected by noise:


The Foetus


Pregnant moms listening to loud sounds (85-95 dBA) can cause damage to the inner most parts of the ear of the unborn baby. It can also result in early delivery and incomplete growth of the baby.


Effect on babies:


Loud sounds disturb sleep, which is necessary for nervous system development.

In preterm babies they cause high blood pressure, higher heart rate, Increased breathing and

decreased oxygen saturation.


Exposure to noise in children:

In older children, noise during sleep can cause hormonal imbalances. Long-term exposure can cause insulin resistance, hypertension, stress ulcers and heart diseases.  


We are confident that now you will think twice before exposing yourself or your baby to the sound of crackers.  


This October, let’s celebrate a quiet, peaceful and healthy Diwali!


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