Pallavi: ‘Be There’ Mom And Conscious Entrepreneur

Pallavi: ‘Be There’ Mom And Conscious Entrepreneur

23 Oct 2017 | 2 min Read


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My mom quotient: 


As a mother, I focus on ensuring that my son grows to be independent, while making sure he knows that I am always around for him.


There are always many claims on my time as an entrepreneur. I therefore strive to spend as much time with my child as possible, even if that means that he attends some of my meetings (with a crayon and paper to keep himself busy), or helps me at times with simple things like taping boxes.





My Mom Inc story:


My Mom inc story began with my little one’s poop. 🙂 When he was born, I quickly realised that diapering was going to be a critical aspect of parenting at least for the next 2-3 years. With that came the realisation that I will be using a good 5-6 thousand plasticky disposable diapers on my son’s bum!


We could not bear to see a dustbin full of non-biodegradable plastic going out each day to the landfills and in addition, our son was getting rashes from the diapers.


My husband and I decided that we HAD TO find an alternative. On researching, we came across the concept of Advanced Cloth Diapers which were fairly popular outside India. We decided that this concept needed to be made popular in India, and thus set out to make Advanced Cloth Diapers for Indian babies.



We dream that someday we will #MakeClothMainstream in India


Who Inspired/ supported me the most:


My husband was and continues to be my strongest support. As the business is growing, he ensures that he finds time to help me out despite his busy schedule.



Advice for mompreneurs:



I took a lot of time to outsource some of the most basic operational tasks. However, once I learned to delegate, I realised how much time I had to focus on things that really grew my business.


Most importantly, it gave me the freedom to spend more time with my little one.

Why I love BabyChakra:


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