Detox In Rujuta Diwekar Style!


A post festival detox diet plan plays a very important role bringing back your health balance after a delicious but a bit unhealthy festive food spree.

Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some simple but awesome advice on how to detox!


The expert, popular for being Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor’s nutritionist, shared natural ways to detox on her Facebook page.   




Benefits: It is rich in glycolic acid, the exact same thing that they use in expensive peels and cosmetics, to bring back the glow on your face and even help restore the collagen.

How: You can- Chew it, Crush it fresh or Drink it’s juice.

She mentions, “Tulsi puja, which marks the end of Diwali, has sugarcane as the main prasad for exactly this purpose, it allows you to detox from all the excesses of the festivities.”


Tender coconut water: 


Benefits: It can immediately fix the electrolyte balance and reduce bloating in the stomach.

How: Drinking a glass every morning is advisable and eating tender coconut can boost your stamina as well.




Benefits: It helps in preventing acidity, with the Therapeutic mixture of rose petals, sugar and some herbs.

How: Mix it in milk or simply have it by itself and it will put your intestines on the fast track to recovery.



Information in this article was sourced from Rujuta Diwekar Facebook Page.


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